Dior Anselm Reyle Limited Edition collection Swatches and Review

Born from the collaboration of the House of Dior and the Berlin based artist, famous for his work with abstraction and formalism, the Anselm Reyle colorful make up collection consists of :

A limited edition, eyeshadow palette.
With this exculsive, chic and ultra-modern palette, the artist reinterprets one of his favourite themes, that of the camouflage motif, in a combination of daring and unusual shades.
Hand pressed using traditional House of Dior expertise, it offers a variety of shimmering or matte looks in shades of violet, grey and black for a sophisticated look.

And five striking shades of nail lacquers.
The "Anselm Reyle for Dior" palette is complemented by a fun range of  trend-setting nail lacquers in striking colours. Ultra-violet, Untitled Black, Pink Graffiti, Electric Blue and Metallic Silver make up this electrifying range echoing Anselm Reyle's distinctive taste for fluorescent and saturated colours.

In terms od formula, all the nail polishes in this collection applied like butter, requiring 2 easy and even coats. All of the swatches are with topcoat except for Metallic Silver.

Dior Untitled Black is a high glossy black creme, or should I say "faux-creme" as all of Dior's cremes. The sparse silver shimmer actually stands out more than usual, contrasting with the deep base and giving a nice glow when hit by direct lighting. I thought I'd show you how it compared to Zoya Raven to demonstrate how sparse the shimmer actually is.

Dior Untitled Black on index and ring fingers
Zoya Raven on middle finger

Dior Metallic Silver is a very shimmery, coarse, foil-like gunmetal. A very versatile shade that depending on the lighting will appear true grey, almost pewter or strongly green hued. It actually has a lot of tiny green shimmer particles and couldn't not remind the very recent Silver Lake. Comparing them, I tried very hard to tell one apart from the other and although Metallic Silver tends to appear slightly darker in the bottle, on the nail they look identical to me.

Dior Metallic silver on index and ring fingers
Dior Silver Lake on middle finger
Dior Electric Blue is as saturated as royal blue could be, bringing the shade to an almost "eye-burning" state. I really love it and I'm sure any blue polish lover would agree when I say that you need a blue like this one in your stash. I included a comp with Dior Blue Denim from the Blue Tie collection but you will see that they look nothing alike.

Ultra Violet is a rather warm medium purple creme. As much as I love it in the bottle, I can't help but think that it does nothing to me on the nail. I think I've become very demanding with purples, maybe too much. It's a tad warmer in real life than in my swatches.

Dior Pink Graffiti is the last but not least polish in this review. Ultra saturated without falling into the neon category, this hot pink is definitely super gorgeous on the nails. I will say it again but everytime I wear such a beautiful pink, it makes me wonder why never go for them.

I hope you're curious about the palette too.
Here's some eye candy, including a Dior / Anselm Reyle nail art. How long was it again since I published nail art? I used Dior Gris Montaigne as base and Ultra Violet, Metallic Silver and Untitled Black for the camouflage design.

Overall :
I really went head over heels for the Anselm Reyle collection the minute I saw the first promo pics. The palette is once again a true work of art and although the polishes could have been a bit crazier color wise, I don't think I would have wanted them any different now.

The Anselm Reyle collection is already available worldwide online and in selected boutiques but is a numbered, very limited release.
The palette retails for $110 / £75 / 110€
The nail polishes retail for $23 / £17 / 24€