Guest Post : Caroline from Good Lack, Nail! allies fashion and polish!

And the guest posts series continues with a beautiful stamping mani and a coordinated outfit from my girl Caroline AKA Good Lack, Nail! :

Me, posting on FashionPolish? Unbelievably cool!!  That's the thought that came to mind when Sam asked me to send her a guest post. I have never seen swatches that make nail polish that beautiful, until Sam came along. I must admit, in times when money was low, I played with the thought of unfollowing her... but I never managed. I have my eyes glued to the screen whenever there is a new post. So, you can imagine how honored I feel that I was invited to guest post!
The posts I like to write the most are my "How I wore it"-Posts. Hence, I decided I'd treat Sams' readers with one of those!

As a base for my manicure I chose OPI Thanks a Windmillion. It is my new favourite dusty mint green, and I'm looking forward to wearing it a lot this spring.

Then I stamped over it, using a plate by Red Angel (RA-112) and as stamping colour I used sally hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen in metallic green.

I really enjoyed wearing this combination and therefore picked an outfit that was also green on green (or, actually, teal on teal!).

I picked a scoop neck t-shirt from Forever21 and a dress with a balloon skirt from my favourite Dutch designer Cora Kemperman. I have a couple of dresses from her, she makes the coolest dresses at an affordable price!

Sadly, the sun wasn't shining in Vienna when I made those pictures. Although it is only March, we have proper April weather here in the east of Austria, while it is still snowy and white in the west.

Here you can see how nicely the colour of my dress matches Thanks a Windmillion:

And another close up picture!

I hope you liked my manicure and dress choice, as I think I'll wear this to a party soon! Thanks again, Sam, for letting me take part in your 2,000,000-pageview-celebration and congratulations on this milestone!

Caroline, your mani and outfit combo rocked! Thank you for sharing it with us ♥
To visit Good Lack, Nail!, you can either follow the link or click on the image below. Thank you for visiting girls!


  1. Really beautiful, I love the stamping!

  2. gorgeous nails! gorgeous dress omg, loove it!

  3. Beautiful nails and dress! I love your color choices! :)

  4. I also am in love with this shade too! It works with everything. Your dress is just GREAT!

  5. Oh Caroline, my lovely friend! The manicure (I love Thanks A Windmillion already) is beautiful and the dress too :)

  6. gorgeous stamping and the shot of the dress was a delightful bonus!

  7. haha Cora Kemperman :) Where do you buy those? I only know 2 stores in my own country


  9. I am reading from California. Just found Caroline's blog and now I'm a check u out! Going to show that darling dress to my 26 year old daughter! I'm strictly a pants person since I broke my ankle.

  10. I'm reading from California and just found Caro's blog and now I found another. Look at me checking out the Euro nail bloggers too. BTW, I need some Max Factor! Lol. Love that dress! My 26 year old would look great in that. I'm strictly pants and Birkenstocks since I broke my ankle. But at least Berks come in molto cool colores and prints. Purple patent goes great with Jo'mina nails.