Sona from rocks a perfectly manicured purple mani!

Long before I started blogging, I used to literally drool over Sona's blog. She has beautiful nails and some of the most perfect swatches out there! Today, I am honored to have her on my blog.

Dear Fashion Polish readers,
When Sam asked me if I could do a guest post for her blog, I was so happy! I count Sam´s blog among the best nail polish blogs in the world at the present time. I admire her swatches, especially those of the expensive nail lacquers. In fact, you can always watch her beautiful pictures and read her description first and after that you can choose what you will buy. The problem is that I am attracted to everything Sam is writing about! :D
How long do I know Fashion Polish? It is since this blog started, in December 2010. I participated in Sam´s Chanel Black Pearl giveaway, I remember it like today. At that time, I was sure that this blog has a big potential and that it will be very famous one day.
Who am I? My name is Sona and I come from a little country in Europe, called Czech Republic. I usually use a nickname 'Sonidlo' everywhere. I am an owner of a cosmetics blog but I am mainly blogging about nail polish and lipsticks.
And now, to contribute, I am thinking about what I can offer or recommend to you. Because I like very much products from the Czech cosmetics brand called Gabriella Salvete and I often write about them in my blog, I decided to place here some pictures and words about them as well. Here they are, the two lilac shimmer nail lacquers.

Gabriella Salvete 116 is a beautiful nail polish composed of a sheer lilac base and pink shimmer. Although it doesn´t cover in two coats (which I did), it is so pretty!

Gabriella Salvete 137 is a dusty lilac shimmer nail polish with a touch of frosty feeling. It covers in two thick coats with I did again.

My dear Sam, thank you so much for contacting me, I am so honoured to be here! Love, Sona :)

wow! Again, I absolutely love Sona's swatches. She is living proof that you can proudly rock short nails♥
To visit, you can either follow the link or click on the image below. Thank you for visiting girls!


  1. Yep, another one who likes Sona's blog, Gabriella Salvete swatches, Sam's blog and her perfect nails. =) You two girls are great! =)

  2. They're all so beautiful. So SPRING...

  3. Thank you Sam for your compliment! I really appreciate it!!

  4. WOW! This is a beautiful shade. Reminds me of an old sheer OPI I had from the mid 90's I think it was. I used it a lot on mom's of brides. Would love to get this brand/shade in the states! And yes, I am all for shorter nails. I keep mine shorter most all the time....just about this lenght. My polish last longer when my nails are not super long. Am thinking of growing them a tish longer so that I can do the back side of my nails like Adelle had her's at the Grammies.

  5. I follow your blog already. You always bring us some really great brands that expand my international knowledge. You have GREAT taste and a great eye for photography too!@Sonidlo Nail Polish

  6. Thank you beachgal :) Even though you are not a blogger, I know you well. I hold readers like you in high esteem. @beachgal

  7. They are beautiful!!
    I love them!

  8. I love Sonidlo, she's a very very nice person too, and her nails are just gorgeous! I'm so happy for her! And the polishes she used are really great, if they would be sold abroad, they would JUST ROCK, i'm sure! :) If you have the chance to buy them, you definitly should give those a try!

  9. Great post Soni, I'm glad you get recognized, you definitely deserve it, your swatches are fab!