The infamous Caviar Manicure or how the nail blogging community sticks together!

I hate drama... Be it in love, friendship, real life or online, I always try to stay out of it unless I feel I need to make things right. I know, how self righteous LOL.

If you haven't read about the tantrum, you can visit The Nailasaurus, The Swatchaholic or The Polishaholic, they've all extensively described the situation so I won't bother you with details.
Basically Ciat√© marketed the caviar manicure, first created by Pattie Yankee and Dashing Diva for last year's Cushnie et Ochs fashion show, as their own and is now applying to trademark it, sending cease and desist emails to the bloggers who "dared' to use "their" caviar look.

Fish Egg Friday is the way Sammy from The Nailasaurus geniously came up with to show support to our fellow bloggers who received the cease and desists.

Silver micro beads being the only ones I could find today, here's my take on it the caviar mani, using A England Bridal Veil & Excalibur :

I also have a great news to share you girls! I'm launching a collection of nail polish accessories, the first line being a series of cute little bows to attach to your favorite bottle! How cool is that?

I might not be the first one to do it but I'm in the process of applying for the trademark so I should send cease and desist emails to any other company using bows on their bottles to protect my idea, right?

Here's my Spring Summer collection so far ;-)