Dior Croisette Collection for Spring/Summer 2012

"Light-infused colours are borrowed from the Mediterranean shores. The Croisette collection cultivates the art of contrast between solar shades and sea-blues"

When the Dior Croisette collection first hit the shelves, I must confess that I was immediately in awe in front of the color range. I found everything about this collection absolutely stunning. But of course I should have anticipated that considering how much I loved Saint Tropez when it was released last year...

1 Couleur Eye Gloss

Everything was perfect about this eyeshadow : application, pigmentation, shimmer,... I was kind of worried about drying time and possible smudging, creasing or smearing but it actually dried in a flash. And it's waterproof, perfect for the Summer indeed.

Available in : 020 Seashell, 560 Tan, 240 Azur and 750 Sunset.

Nude Tan

Available in 2 versions, either matte (Nude Glow) or shimmery (Healthy Glow) but both in a spendid compact powder embossed with silver "cannage". I absolutely love how modern and precious these feel. The powder itself is very light, soft and applies smoothly thanks to the kabuki brush included. The shimmer remains very subtle. Must have.

Nude Glow Sun Powder available in :
001 Miel/Honey, 003 Cannelle/Cinnamon, 005 Caramel/Toffee (All year)
and 002 Ambre/Amber, 004 Epice/Spicy, 006 Sienne/Sienna (Summer)

Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder available in :
001 Aurora, 003 Zenith (All year)
002 Sunlight, 004 Sunset (Summer)

Diorshow Eyeliner

Retractable turquoise eyeliner pencil that comes with a removable sharpener. Creamy and pigmented, it's very soft, delivers excellent coverage and just a touch of sparkle. Again, this is waterproof.

5 Couleurs Couture Eyeshadow Palette

Available in 224 Swimming Pool and 654 Aurora
Aurora contains exactly the type of colors I am attracted to as a brunette. Warm, deep, sparkly earthly tones mixed with shimmery and satin nudes. Well pigmented and easily blendable, they also have a very soft feeling.

Addict Lip Balm

Super smooth and with a nice rose scent, the hydrating formulation of these lip balms is obvious with the first stoke on the lips. It does take a significant amount of product for the balm to actually provide good staying power but that's fine with me. Only downside would be the tint on the "colored" balms. Quite translucent, you will see very little difference between the shades so I'd suggest you just get the one that appeals to you the most.

Available in 001 Crystal, 002 Crystal Pink and 003 Crystal Coral.

001 Crystal / 003 Crystal Coral

Le Vernis

 I have extensively reviewed Bikini and Saint Tropez so I'll just just keep it very short : amazing formula and amazing colors! You can read my original post here if you want more details ;-)

The Croisette collection is already available in boutiques and beauty corners worldwide and retails for :
Eyegloss $28 / £20 / 26.50€
Nude Tan Nude Glow Sun Powder $52/ £34 /48€
Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder $55 / £37 / 52€
eyeliner $29 / £20 / 22.50€
5 Colours Eyeshadow Palette $60 / £41 / 56.20€
Lip Balms $30 / £21 / 32.50€
nail polish $23 / £17 / 23.40€

What do you think about these? Do you usually endulge yourself with luxury make up products?
I'd also love to have your feedbacks on this "make up" review girls so thank you in advance for your comments! xoxo

*products provided for review*


  1. Loving the look of ALL of these products.. but why do they have to be so expensive :'( I've always been curious about eye gloss but always afraid of it smudging .. maybe I'll give this one a shot :)

    Great review!

    What's Hot?

  2. What a great review!!!! I find your product descriptions apt and to the point, you covered exactly what I want to know about a product!!! And I love your pictures and samples. The Eyeliner might just be the thing for me!!!

  3. @Christine *blushing* Thank you so much, it really means a lot<3 It wasn't easy to step out of my "polish" comfort zone so I'm really glad you found the review helpful! xx

  4. I like all the products and they seem really nice and high quality from your reviews, but the price! I would never ever ever pay that for makeup, I would be broke! Lol!!

  5. I love your review! All the collection it's simply stunning, the eye palette, the nail polishes and the eye liner (omg) are my favorites.
    I have very sensitive skin, so I prefer buying less products, but of a higher quality. I almost bought the eye palette, but finally got the nars Ramatuelle instead....
    Thanks for the excellent swatches and descriptions, it looks like a lot of work!! A reader request : i would love to see an eye look using the palette! :-)))

  6. Great swatches and review! You should def do more!

  7. amazing! those polishes are so gorgeous!

  8. It's a great review of this collection! Your swatches are great, as usual! I must admit I've never been attracted to eye glosses but I found the color of Sunet really beautiful! I'm curious about it now! Btw, I think you inverted the name of the 2 eye glosses on your last picture.

    I also love the eye palette. I'm also a brunette and these are the colors I usually love wearing and that look the best on me :D
    I didn't realize there were several colors of lipbalms! I am a lipbalm lover!!lol
    I also love the orange gloss from this collection!
    and yeah, Dior is my favorite luxury brand!

  9. @Nailderella Thank you I totally did! Just corrected it. And I should be posting the lipsgloss review very shortly ;-)

  10. @Mara S Same here (apart from the sensitive skin) I'd much rather buy less but quality products. I will try to oblige with the eye look but it might take a bit as it means stepping out some more of my comfort zone ^_^

  11. The swatches you made are so gorgeous! :) I love the lipbalm they are really expensive but they are so worth it

  12. Sam, great review, as always! Loved the eyeliner, and Dior is fantastic. Just bought the "Diorsnow BB Creme" and it´s amazing, I don´t even use foundation anymore! With Chanel, my favourite luxury brand! Bisous

  13. That eyeliner is SO beautiful..wowww. I want.

  14. It is so great to see you doing make up swatches as well! Those are carried out to perfection, just like your nail polish swatches. I've recently turned into a make up geek as well and my collection keeps growing slowly but steadily. I don't own cosmetics from any luxurious brands so far but if they're worth the price tag, I will surely try some soon ;) Keep up the great work!