LAQA & CO. Nail Polish Pens and a Competition!

As an avid lover of everything nail related, I am always on the lookout for new products, textures or accessories promising unheard of lacquer experience. Obviously LAQA & CO nail polish pens, fit right into these criteria and I couldn't resist trying and sharing them with you  ^_^

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, here are a few words from their website :

"LAQA & Co. are a range of bright, high-gloss nail polish in a pen. Yep, you heard right...a pen! They work just like a real pen, only these pens let you quickly and neatly do your nails anywhere in a few clicks. But these aren’t just polishes, they’re little pieces of art too. We’re the brand covered in unique artwork from young designers who are looking to get their voice out there. We thought, where better than our little box. Designers even get a cut of profit, from every colour you buy."

Today I have 3 LAQA & CO. pens for review : Fancypants, Pimpin' and Toff.

The nail polish pens each came in a beautiful individual box, including a vintage looking instructions leaflet. Although made of white plastic, I found them to look rather appealing and obviously designed with care.

Fancypants. Medium greyed out taupe creme. A tad darker than in this IRL. Design by Cindy Rodriguez.


Pimpin'. Bright pink creme with hints of coral. Design by Katie Kirk.

Toff. Dark navy blue creme. Not so dark that it looks black indoors. Design by Tatiana Plakhova.

Overall :
Formula on these was really nice and rather easy to work with, it went exactly where I wanted it to.
The only problem you might have with application would be due to the amount of product on the brush : not enough and you will drag the cuticle area, too much and you will end up with polish everywhere. Since I couldn't use the neck of a bottle to wipe off the excess, I used a small cotton pad, dipped in polish remover to do so but it only took a nail or two to get it right.
On the plus side, the quality of the brush was amazing, soft and flexible, and the polish itself ultra fast drying.
In conclusion I'll say that they are the perfect "on the go" nail product with zero risk of broken glass and spilled polish but for every day I'm sure you could find more affordable dupes/alternatives.

And now the Competition :

"LAQA & Co needs your help! Their soon to be released bundle of joy needs a name! Tweet your name to them, using the hashtag #mypolishpetname, and you could not only be immortalized forever in their fall line, but win LAQA goodies to boot."

LAQA & CO. nail polish pens retail for $15.45 (5ml) and can be purchased directly from their online store or through international stockists.
For more information, please refer to LAQA & CO. website, Facebook or Twitter.
*products provided for review*


  1. Ick, nail polish pens died in the 80s for good reason.

  2. How do these compare to the Sally Hansen ones? I have one of those and found it worked great the first time I used it, but after that it was annoying to use.

  3. Love the color but lacquer in a pen? Oh my that would be a huge challenge for me.

  4. Good review!

    Can't go easy on this one though.... Pretty steep for only 5 ml nailpolish IMO, lovely shades but not unique.

    So, only one question comes to mind for LAQA & CO.... Why?

    Essence released very similar nailpolish pens about 2 years ago with their Colour & Go line. For about 2 euro's? I think I'm saving my money this time. ;-)

  5. Love Fancypants - the price is a bit steep though.

  6. I like the colors but don't see the pro's enough justifying the high price. Gorgeous swatches though!