Born Pretty Store Studs Review

If you're looking for nail art supplies for a fair price, Born Pretty Store might very well be the perfect place for you. I have already reviewed many of their glitters and beads and today I have silver studs to share with you girls!

The studs came in small ziplock bags. While the bags don't look that big at first sight, they do contain a lot of product and good news, they're reusable! I tried soaking them in nail polish remover after removing my mani and they looked perfect. You pretty much have a lifetime supply of studs!

To create this look, I applied one coat of A England Camelot and Cirque Dark Horse on all of my nails but the ring finger. For the accent, I simply added 1.5mm and 3mm silver studs and finished with topcoat. The topcoat didn't ruin the look and since the studs are hollow, it really helped seal the manicure.

I hope that you've enjoyed this studded accent. I love studs... But if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might very well have noticed that already ^_^

Camelot is available online on and retails for £9, free worlwide shipping.
Dark Horse is available online on cirquecolors and retails for $12, worldwide shipping available.

The silver studs can be purchased directly from Born Pretty Store.

Don't forget to enter S10X31 during checkout for a 10% off discount, valid until Sep13th.
And, as usual, free worldwide shipping!
*products provided for review*