Carlaya Fair Trade bracelets hand made in Nepal

I'm sure you all know about FNUG buy now.

Well Charlotte Fnug Munksgaard, the woman behind FNUG is a globetrotter and after one of her trips to Nepal, visiting a women's cooperative, has decided to start selling their handmand beads bracelets.
Carlaya stands for Caroline, Charlotte's daughter and Himalaya.

Here's a photo of the women in Nepal.

I love the idea behind Charlotte's Fair Trade vision and that wearing these fashion accessories actually helps women in Nepal make a living out of their traditional handcraft so of course I had to feature them here.

Carlaya can be purchased on (website in Danish, click here for the english version)  and 5 bracelets retail for approximately $85.
For more information, please refer to beautybizzcompany


  1. I love Fair Trade products!

    These are beautiful bracelets.

  2. Charlotte Fnug MunksgaardNovember 8, 2012 at 2:48 PM

    Thanks so much for your support, love charlotte

  3. Beautiful bracelets :) Wonderful cause!

  4. Yes, a great concept and a worthy cost. Plus, the bracelets, with their ethnic prints, are beautiful.