KBShimmer Swatches and Review part I

Hi girls!
How was your weekend? Mine was too short boo! Today was my last day of vacation :(

But... I've had a lot of time to swatch lately so I have a lot of beauties to share! 
Let's get started with some KBShimmers, shall we?


Oh Splat! is a opaque white packed with different sizes of multicolored glitter. It was surprisingly opaque and covered perfectly in 2 easy coats, which is what you're looking at here. No glitter fishing of placement required.

Berry Patch is a soft pastel mauve infused with different sizes of purple glitter as well as small pieces of holo and large blue hex glitter. Formula was, again, a pleasure to work with and applied evenly in 2 coats.

Diva is a saturated sheer purple shimmer literally packed with different sizes of holo glitters. Formula was very different from the previous two and requires 2 to 3 coats for full opacity. I would recommend using it over another purple for best results but I really wanted to show it on its own so I used 2 careful coats here (plus 2 coats of topcoat).

Proud Peacock is a beautiful turquoise jelly with black, blue, fuchsia and silver glitter in different shapes and sizes. You will probably love this one even if, like me, you're not a huge bar glitter fan! I used 2 coats plus topcoat here and I like its translucent look but if you prefer your polish more opaque, you can either add a 3rd one or layer it over another turquoise.

Shipwreck is a teal jelly with a perfectly balanced array of green/teal/blue as well as hints of purple glitter. Formula was very similar to Proud Peacock and I used 2 coats in these swatches but you could either go for 2 to 3 coats or layering for full opacity.

I Made a Bleu Bleu is a vibrant royal blue foil-like shimmer with a subtle green shimmer, so sparkly and intense in real life! Formula was fantastic and you're looking at 2 self leveling coats plus topcoat here.

Ice Queen is a clear base with green shimmer and a ton of silver holo glitters in different shapes and sizes. I did not expect the green shimmer to be that strong but I guess the black underneath brings it out somehow. I used 1 coat over black (plus topcoat) in these swatches, no glitter fishing of placement.

Overall :
I really LOVED reviewing thses and I must say that I now understand all the hype around KBShimmer! The color range is extremely diversified and formulas high quality.
I can't wait to show you the others ones I have!

KBShimmer is 3 Free and retails for $8.75 / $9.
KBShimmer can be purchased directly from kbshimmer.com or via Etsy, local stores or online at harlwoandco.org.

For more information, please refer to kbshimmer.com and like / follow  KBShimmer on Facebook or Twitter to be updated on the brand's latest news or offers.

*products provided for review*


  1. These are lovely colors! Great swatches

  2. These polishes are SO amazing!! Gorgeous swatches!

  3. Nossa apaixonei nos esmaltes com glitter, são tudo de bom.
    Ótimo fim de Domingo

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    Nice swatches girl!

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