Kiko Sugar Mat Collection picture spam

Kiko has just released a new 16 pieces collection called Sugar Mat, surfing on the new Liquid Sand / Texture / Pixie Dust trend.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to swatch them all but I thought you might still enjoy a quick picture spam. That could come handful if you plan on ordering them online or CPing them for example ;-)
The Sugar Mat collection consists of 16 shades : 8 cremes and 8 shimmers
First up, the cremes, "Full Mat" :
631 Peach : bright orange-peach creme
632 True Red : medium blue based red creme
633 Magenta : medium blue based pink creme
634 Lilac : pastel pink/lavender creme
635 Wisteria : pastel periwinkle
636 Mint : pastel mint creme
637 Turquoise : light teal blue creme
638 Taupe : medium taupe creme

and finally the shimmers, "Pearly Mat" :
639 Golden Mandarin : bright orange peach with gold shimmer
640 Poppy Red : medium blue based red with gold shimmer
641 Strawberry Pink : medium coral pink with gold shimmer
642 Hot Pink : medium blue base pink with pink shimmer
643 Spring Green : medium green with gold shimmer
644 Sea Blue : dark periwinkle blue with blue shimmer
645 Burgundy : medium warm brown with pink red shimmer
646 Starry Back (Black? I think there might be a typo on the website) : dark grey black with silver shimmer

Obviously I can't really comment on wear and formula but I found that they all dried rather quickly and offered good opacity.
I find the "textured" look really interesting. I really like the cremes but I LOVE the shimmers!!! I only wish their sparkle could translate in the pictures :(
The Kiko Limited Edition Sugar Mat Collection is available online and in stores and retails for £4.90 / 4.90€ each.
Don't forget to enter the code ONLY4YOU13 during checkout online or show one of the following coupons to redeem a 20% discount on your entire purchase (valid until 3rd March 2013 on everything, including ongoing promotions)


*product purchased by me*



  1. I love them! I wish we had access to Kiko in the US, I want to try a lot of their makeup items as well as their nail polish. I wish everyone shipped everywhere!

  2. There are a lot of beautiful colors here! Seems everyone is coming out with a Liquid Sand-esque polish lol

  3. i am desperate for these. but in the US :(

  4. Oh wow I love them!! How pretty are those mat colors!
    We don't have Kiko here, but if we had, I would buy them all ;-)

  5. Merci pour cet article et vivement les swatches :-) !
    Bravo pour ton blog, c'est toujours un vrai plaisir de découvrir tes belles photos :-) !

    Bonne journée

  6. Love them, and I agree with Emi above, I wish we had these in Canada! Also I'm liking your blog redesign. It threw me off at first but I think it's really nice. Of course there was nothing wrong with the old design. :)

  7. I really really like these! I seriously need to get my hands on some of them :)

  8. ERGMYGAWD. I want the 636 and all of the Pearly Mattes!

  9. They are all stunning ! Unfortunately, they are not yet in store in my town, they just have the mirror collection :/

  10. Golden mandarin and strawberry pink are gorgeous!

  11. 637, 640 & 645 ♥♥♥. I wish Kiko would open up shop here!

  12. Wow! They are all musthaves! So sad Kiko doesn't ship to NL!

  13. I saw them at the shop... Totally new polishes.

  14. Oh, thanks so much for posting these pictures!

    I was looking at them on the website last night but there is a £25 minimum order and I didn't want to pick six just on the basis of tiny dots of colour on my screen. Much easier now :)

  15. The textured cremes are not my thing, but... I need all the shimmers!
    Thanks for posting the coupon, I have to go to Kiko soon!

  16. okI just ordered them all weeeee

    1. OMG you bought them all too!? I'm not the only cray-cray then LOL

  17. Finally nice swatches, we were waiting with Smaltoitaliano for them because most pics in the internet were realyl awful.

    I thought that I don't want them and now I see that I was wrong :x

  18. Here's me thinking I'd never get my hands on a texturized polish and after all... muhahaha :)
    Thank you so much for the info and for the coupon! **

  19. Hi!
    I'm really, really sorry about using your pictures without your consent it was really bad on my part - I really didn't remembered to ask. I googled some swatches and your blog was the only one to have them - again I'm sorry.
    I'll remove them as soon as possible, of course but I need to find others to substitute those ones. I'll let you know when I remove them.

    Next time I'll ask your permition to do so. Even though what I did was really bad on my part I gave credits to the pictures and I indicated where I got them from on the end of the post where it says {fotografias via}.

    Thank you for letting me know I was doing something wrong and for your kind and understanding comment. I'm really, really sorry.

    With love,
    Ana Garcês.

  20. The pictures have been removed, once again I'm sorry.

    Thank you for your patience and kindness!

  21. I've all ready 2 of those nail polishes and i love them!

  22. OMG!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!! Excellent colors!! :-)