Lacquer Lust Transitions collection

Hi girls, I hope you're all having a great week so far!
As far as I'm concerned, lots of free time this week so of course that means more blogging time. How cool is that?
Today I have the Lacquer Lust Transitions collection to share with you.
I've already posted a couple reviews of this brand and I think I've made it pretty clear how much I love Jo's creations ♥
The Transitions collection is a set of five thermal scattered holos. If you're not familiar with thermal polishes, they basically change color with your body temperature!


I used 2 coats for all of these swatches, they all appied nicely and I didn't experience any issue whatsoever. They also all dried to a shiny finish and "transitioned" really easily.
For swatching purposes, I decided to use 2 glasses of water, warm and cold. I dipped my middle finger and pinkie in warm water and my index and ring in cold water. I thought this was the best way to show you both colors but of course in "real life" the effect you will get will depend on ambiant/body temperature as well as your nail length. In normal conditions, I'd say your nail beds will have the warm shade and free edge the cold shade.
Ok let's get started!
Just an Illusion
charcoal (cold) to light grey (hot) scattered holo

Midnight Snack
midnight blue (cold) to charcoal grey (hot) scatered holo

Stroke of Good Luck
green (cold) to gold (hot) scattered holo

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
chocolate mauve (cold) to pink mauve (warm) scattered holo

Split Personality
plum (cold) to royal blue (warm) scattered holo


Overall :
I LOVE this collection! Temperature changing polishes are already so much fun but adding a scattered holo effect is simply genius! I can guarantee you'll spend your day looking at your nails ;-)
What do you think about these? Have you ever tried thermal polishes?
The Lacquer Lust Transitions collection retails for $10.50 each on, Shoppe Eclecticco and very soon on Harlow & Co!
They are currently sold out so I strongly encourage you to follow Jo on Facebook and Instagram to be informed on new collections as well as exact restocks dates.

*product provided for review*



  1. The first one and the blue/purple are my favorites!! They look really amazing!

  2. I'm thinking about thermal polishes, this collection is absolutely stunning, especially Chocolate Dipped Strawberries :-)

  3. Such a cool way to show the color change, and your swatches are absolutely gorgeous!!! I think Just an Illusion is my favorite :)

  4. wow I love Just an Illusion and Midnight Snack!! I would have never thought of combining holo + temperature chaning!

  5. Love them! I managed to get all 5, but how do you get split personality so bright? I used 3 coats & mine isn't as bright.

  6. Oh ! ce gris ! j'aime je suraime même !

    Want want want !

  7. Oh these are so cool! So interesting how the color changes by different temps :D

  8. I love how you swatched these to show the thermal effect! The color changes are really strong!

  9. These are beautiful! I would love to see a regular picture where you have not dipped in water to see if the nail bed and tip are indeed different shades as you suspect. Thanks!

  10. Usually thermal polish doesn't work very well on me.. or I'm impatient, haha! But these are really lovely!

  11. I agree! Combining both worlds is absolute fab! I love them.

  12. These are all so gorgeous! The idea of temperature changing nail polish amazes me, especially when it comes to holos! Beautiful swatches. :)

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  14. WAouh , they are sooooooo gorgeous !

  15. Oh my gosh! These are amazing. I love color changing polishes. Excellently done swatches!