China Glaze Hologlam collection review

When I first heard that China Glaze was working on a new holographic collection, I instantly knew I'd have to have them! The Kaleidoscopes and OMGs were part of my all time favorite collections and after the subdued Tronicas, I was dying to see China Glaze go back to the basics with true linear holos.

So today I have the entire China Glaze Hologlam collection to share with you. Let's see if they to live up to our expectations ;-)

Formula was consistent in all of the polish of this collection so I'll just talk about it here. I tried applying  them over my regular basecoat and even on naked nails but was confronted to patchiness so aqua base is definitely a must. I also noticed that some clumpiness around the neck of the bottle on some of them but nothing a good shake couldn't solve. Other than that, they all applied smoothly and required one to two coats for complete coverage. I used two in all of my swatches and no topcoat.

Get outta my Space is a soft mauve with a faint linear holo. I usually prefer my purple holos darker but that's just personal taste and it still is a really nice pastel.

Astro-Hot is a blue based pink with a medium linear holo. It's not one of the strongest holos in the collex but it's still strong enough and a very nice pink.

Not In This Galaxy is a warm coral with a medium linear holo. It's a beautiful shade and I can see it working on a wide variety of skin tones. I definitely prefer coral pinks over blue based pinks for my holos.

Infra-Red is a pink/magenta with a strong linear holo. It's the last "pink" in this collection and hands down my favorite between them! It's rich, strong and really beautiful.

Don't Be a Luna-Tic is a light turquoise leaning aqua with a faint linear holo. I've always been more drown to cool holos and although I wish it would have been stronger, I still love it.

Sci-Fly By is a sky blue with a medium linear holo. I'm really loving the stronger holo in this one, so gorgeous!

Take a Trek is a beautiful denim blue with a medium linear holo. It's my second favorite blue and an amazing color. Denim blues always make gorgeous holos!

Strap On Your Moonboots is a gorgeous navy blue with a medium linear holo. Definitely my fave blue here! What can I say? I've always loved darker colors...

Cosmic Dust is a silvery slate grey with a strong linear holo. There's a slight dusty feeling to it that sets it apart from your average silver holo. Another beautiful polish.

OMG a UFO is an olive green with a medium linear holo. A very unusual shade of green, especially for a holo but I'm totally loving it as well.

When Stars Collide is a purple eggplant with a strong linear holo and OMG it's a stunner! It looked promising on the promo shots and it did not disappoint. If you love holos, there's no hesitation you need this one.

Galactic Grey is a gunmetal grey with a slight warm brown hue and a strong linear holo. It's one of my absolute favorites, dead on gorgeous! 

Overall :
I used my regular OTT light to swatch the Hologlams and I think that it pretty much gives a fair idea of how they are in real life. Of course, the holo effect was less obvious in the shade, especially on the lighter shades (i.e. the ones with the faintest holo) which pretty much looked like your average metallics, but the other ones looked amazing even then. 
In conclusion, I'll just say that they aren't as crazy holo as the Laylas for example, even if most of them are  holo enough, especially in the sun, but that makes them much more wearable in my opinion.
My picks : Infra-Red, OMG a UFO, Strap On Your Moonboots, When Stars Collide and Galactic Grey!

*products provided for review*


  1. Nice swatches. I think these are very accurate of how they wear.

  2. So amazing, I genuinely want all of them! I cannot get enough of Holos, can't see them ever going out of favour. <3 your pics too x

  3. I like Galactic Grey the most :)

  4. I only picked up Strap On Your Moonboots, Galactic Gray, and When Stars Collide, and I love them all. They're gorgeous.

  5. What creative names --- love the Cosmic Dust, Don't Be a Luna-tic. The colors are beautiful too

  6. they're pretty, but I am a little disappointed by them from the swatches I've seen. When Stars Collide does look awfully pretty though, that might be going on my wishlist :)

  7. I picked up Infra-Red, Strap On Your Moon Boots, and When Stars Collide.

  8. Lovely swatches. Cosmic Dust, Strap On Your Moonboots, When Stars Collide and Galactic Gray are my faves.

  9. I'm not really WOWed by these polishes. I like them, but I don't LOVE them. To sad, because I really do like China Glaze polishes.... Nice review though!

  10. Great swatches, even though the holo isn't that strong I still love them especially the blues, green en stars collide.

  11. j'aime bien Cosmic Duts, en revanche je trouve cette collec très subtile au niveau de l'holo^^

  12. I was disappointed by the poor quality of the holo in this "HOLO"-glam collection. These were more just fine shimmers with a glint of holo.

  13. how disappointing, even the "strong" holos in the collection are barely visible. I'm going to stick to the color club ones I think.

  14. comparé à un ozotic par exemple je ne suis franchement pas convaincue par cette collection, bien que les couleurs soit jolies !