OZOTIC 504 & 529 REVIEW!

Are you ready for some more crazy multichromes?
I loved digging through my stash for Ozotic 505/528 last week and today I have another duo : 504 and 529!

Ozotic 504 (shimmer) and 529 (glitter) are two stunning multichromes : midnight blue base with a strong color shifting effect, from navy to royal purple and gold/orange. Both unbelievably intense and super vampy. Formula was flawless and all I had to use was a single self-leveling coat above black in the swatches below, full intensity in just one coat!

Under regular lighting conditions, you can see the beautiful purple peeking around the edges of your nails :

And then, 504 becomes even more complex and intense somehow :

What about some extra sparkle with 529?

Ozotic 504 and 529, along with the entire 500 series, have been discontinued and are now part of the Ozotic back up plan. They currently retail for AU$13 (while stocks last) and can be purchased directly from piCture pOlish.com.au or through their international network.

For more information, please refer to piCture pOlish.com.aupiCture pOlish on Twitter Facebook and very soon on ozotic.com.au.

*products purchased by me*


  1. love the polish your nail model and as always the ring

  2. Great swatches! I have both of these, & love them! What is the "Ozotic back up plan"?

  3. Oh gosh soooo gorgeous! I still want to borrow your hands... whaha

  4. J'aime beaucoup !


    Coline ♡

  5. Love it! Would like to buy it but that's so hard in France...

  6. Noooo I just put in an order for the last ozotics you put up, and now I need these too! And such stunning swatches :D