Design Glassware fashion & beauty accessories

You do remember the Design Glassware Mont Bleu glass nail files review I posted a few months ago, right?

Well Design Glassware does not only carry nails files, they offer a wide variety of gifts and beauty accessories and today I have a few of their products to show you. Not really nail polish related but I'm sure you won't mind ;-)

Purse Hanger
metal hanger in Sun Black made with Swarovski® elements (16.90€ link)

Compact Mirror
plastic mirror in “Sun Black” hand made with Swarovski® elements (12€ link)

Shamballa bracelet
Black crystal pearls bracelets made with Swarovski® elements (11.90€ instead of 17€ link)

Slant-tip Tweezers
hand decorated crystal slant tweezers made with Swarovski® elements (12€ link)

Overall :
I'm really loving these products. The only one I'm not 100% convinced about is the compact mirror, it feels too light in my opinion and I'd recommend upgrading to the metal one for a few extra euro (link). Other than that they all look sturdy, high quality and make beautiful gifts.

Design Glassware ships worlwide and offer secure payment through Paypal. For more information, please visit their

*products provided for review*


  1. Hilariously when I saw the picture of the purse hanger in miniature on my blogroll I thought you were posting about birth control pills.

  2. I love the minimalist look of the compact!