Lacc La Couleur Couture 1945, 1968 & 1976

Hi everyone!
Today I have a new (to me) brand to show you : La Couleur Couture!

La Couleur Couture 1945 is a classic red creme-jelly hybrid with an outstanding formula. Almost a one coater with high pigmentation and the easiest application ever, it went on smoothly with zero effort whatsoever. I used 2 coats plus topcoat out of habit but one single careful coat would have done the job and  topcoat only added protection as it naturally fried to a high gloss.

La Couleur Couture 1968 is a pale jade green with a bright green shimmer, a close cousin to the long discontinued Chanel Jade and a truly gorgeous color. Again I was very surprised by the trouble free application but this one was less pigmented and required 2 to 3 coats for complete coverage.

La Couleur Couture 1976 is a whitened baby blue with the faintest pink shimmer. The shimmer doesn't translate at all on camera and honestly I had a hard time seeing it in real life but that doesn't take any beauty to this amazing shade of blue. 1976 was the less pigmented of the three and required 3 coats for complete coverage but I didn't experience any streakiness, which is very rare for such pale shades.

Overall : 
La Couleur Couture leaves me with a very good first impression, I could sense that a lot of care was given to formula. I also really love the bottle shape and design so I can only recommend them!  

lacc can be purchased from llarowe and retails for $14 each.

*products provided for review*


  1. Thank you so much Fashion Polish. These are gorgeous on you!

  2. I haven't heard from this brand before either, but the colors are pretty!

  3. Oh my! That red is SO beautiful ! Et je n'aime pas tellement les vernis rouges ! Mais alors là !
    Les autres couleurs sont très belles aussi ! Et tes swatch sont toujours aussi parfaits ! ♥

  4. I love 1968! Definitely need it! And gorgeous swatches, as usual <3

  5. Meu, que esmaltes lindo, preciso urgente!

    Bjooooooooo e tenha hum excelente dia!

  6. I have been seeing this brand in the past couple days all over the place! Looks gorgeous

  7. These all look great on you! The fiery red and the baby blue look especially nice :)

  8. Cette marque me plait beaucoup, leurs vernis sont très jolis et les flacons sont adorables !