piCture pOlish Blogger Revolution launch and review!

Hi girls!
I'm super excited to be able to show you the latest additions to the piCture pOlish range : Blogger & Revolution!

Revolution is a thin watery basecoat formulated for easy glitter removal. Here are the official directions :

Apply 2 thin coats of Revolution as your base
(Revolution dries fast and is not PVA Glue)
Apply your glitter polish as you normally do 
soak your makeup pad etc in nail polish remover
cover your nail and leave for a few seconds, remove
apply more remover and give it a good gentle scrub
continue the process the glitter will remove with ease
no flakes stuck to your nails anymore - yahoo

I put Revolution to the test with several glitters and used a few basecoat/glitter combos and... It works! Removal wasn't as easy as regular nail polish but it significantly easier than usual, no foil method necessary anymore! The best combo for me was to use a first coat as base and a second one sandwiched between a regular polish / glitter layering or 2 coats of glitter.
Oh and as a bonus, it also offers a really smooth finish and works wonders as base coat for linear holos to prevent patchiness and troublesome application. How awesome is that?

Blogger is a dense rainbow glitter bomb. It's so packed with hex glitters in various colors and sizes: from very thin to medium hexes, gold, silver, red, fuchsia, turquoise, green,... I decided to wear it as a gradient with a full ring finger accent (one dabbed coat for the accent) and despite the very dense glitter blend, it didn't give me any trouble and resulted in an extremely sparkly manicure.

Overall :
I really love piCture pOlish! I love their products and I love their vision of the nail polish business,  interacting on a daily basis with their fans, creating collaboration shades and bringing us new, exclusive and high quality products. 

piCture pOlish can be purchased directly from piCture pOlish.com.au or through their international network.

For more information, please refer to piCture pOlish.com.au or piCture pOlish on Twitter Facebook.

*products provided for review*