A England Burne-Jones Dream Collection Review

Hi girls! I'm really sorry for disappearing on you for these past few days but I've been felling sick lately. Nothing actually bad, just really tired... Oh well, I have a lot of amazing collections to share with you so I hope you'll forgive my absence ^_^

The A England Burne-Jones Dream is the latest addition to the brand's reverie into fantasy, painting and history, inspired by Sir Edward Burne-Jones "The Briar Rose" artwork series over "The Sleeping Beauty" Charles Perrault fairy tale and that specific moment where the brave prince having battled through the Briar Wood, first comes upon the bewitched court and the princess he is to awake with a kiss.

"The fateful slumber floats and flows
About the tangle of the rose.
But lo the fated hand and heart
To rend the slumberous curse apart."
(William Morris)
The Briar Rose: The Briar Wood by Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Fated Prince is a dark olive-tones grey with a smooth linear holographic effect. It's such a deep and complex shade, a truly perfect addition to the A England range! Formula was particularly flawless, no aqua base or patchiness issue here, just a smooth and easy two-coater.

"The threat of war, the hope of peace
The Kingdom's peril and increase.
Sleep on, and bide the latter day
When fate shall take her chains away."

(William Morris)
The Briar Rose: The Council Chamber by Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Sleeping Palace is a dusty plum purple with a smooth linear holographic effect. As much as I love Fated Prince and believe I LOVE it, I honestly thought that this one would come second but it's just so spectacular in person that it stole the first place! Formula was just as outsanding an easy to apply, only even more pigmented and barely required a second coat. I used 2 coats here for swatching purposes but I'll definitely be using one for "real life".

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"The maiden pleasance of the land
Knoweth no stir of voice or hand,
No cup the sleeping waters fill,
The restless shuttle lieth still."
(William Morris)

The Briar Rose: The Garden Court by Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Briar Rose is a medium antique red toned pink leaning cranberry with, as well, a smooth linear holographic effect. I can't think of anything like it in my stash and if you're a cool toned holo lover, you certainly won't want to miss on this one. Stellar formula, again, and the easiest application ever, this is two coats plus topcoat.

"Here lies the hoarded love the key
To all the treasure that shall be.
Come, fated hand, the gift to take
And smite the sleeping world awake."
(William Morris)
The Briar Rose: The Rose Bower by Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Rose Bower is a deep pink toned red with a faint scattered holographic effect. It's the least holo shade in this collection but definitely the brightest and one that I strongly recommend as well. I mean just look how  seriously intense it is! Perfect application and formula, two easy, opaque, saturated, self-leveling, coats here as well.

Overall :
While one might think that there can't be that many colors left to explore in the Tristam /Lady of the Lake / Dragon / Saint Georges / ... A England type of holos, this collection just proves otherwise. I completely love the complexity and sophistication behind each of Adina's creations and obviously the impeccable formula never fails to impress.

The A England Burne-Jones Dream Collection is available for purchase within UK directly on a-england.co.uk (£9 each) but also worldwide through the brand's online retailers (full list here).
A fifth shade, Briarwood, has been delayed for now but will also join the collection really soon.