Minnie's Closet OPI Minnie Couture Nail Art cut-out head tutorial!

Hi girls!
A few days ago, when I posted my OPI Minnie Couture Nail Art for the Minnie's Closet on Facebook, I mentioned that my middle nail design with the Minnie head cut-out was by far my favorite and judging from all of your amazing fedback (thank you!), I decided to make another quick tutorial ^_^

So here we go!

You can visit the first post by clicking on the image below :

To realize this look, I used :

OPI Innie Minnie Mightie Bow
OPI Minnie Style
scotch tape
pointed tweezers
a dotting tool
a small sheet of paper

Step by step :

apply base coat
cut out a Minnie head shape in scotch tape and press it on your nail
apply one coat of Innie Minnie Mightie Bow
immediately remove the scotch tape with pointed tweezers
put a few drops of  Minnie Style over a sheet of paper
apply a layer of topcoat on your nail
pick up glitters with a dotting tool and place them one after to other on the cut-out shape 
finish with topcoat!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
I already want to experiment on more cut-out designs, triangles, stars, studs,... so don't be surprised if you see more of them in the future!

Oh and don't forget to check out the OPI Minnie's Closet to discover more designs every day! (just click on the picture). I'm day #6 ;-)

OPI polishes provided for review
nail art supplies purchased by me


  1. What an adorable design! And thank you for the tutorial <3

  2. I loved this mani and now I am so excited I can do this manicure!!! Thank you very much, you're an artist!!

    Kisses from Spain!!

  3. Beautiful :) Great tutorial.

  4. So creative! Thanks for sharing a tutorial!