Dance Legend Chameleon multichrome collection Review!

Hi everyone!
I hope you're all having a great week so far! I don't know about you but polish always cheers me up so in case you're in need of some eye-candy, I have the latest Dance Legend collection to share with you today! A set of 6 mini ultra multichromes, all named after "Monsters, Inc" characters! How awesome is that?

Formula and application were similar on all of these so I'll just talk about them here.
I used one thin coat over black plus topcoat in all of my swatches. They applied with no effort despite the mini size, resulting in a smooth, intense multichrome effect and highly saturated colors. I tried a couple of them on their own so if you'd rather use them on without the black base, I'd say they'll require 3 thin coats to reach complete coverage.

And now, the swatches! ^_^

091 Boggs
blue base, purple/orange/gold color shift

092 Roz
magenta base, gold/green color shift

093 Celia
blurple base, purple/orange/gold color shift

094 Boo
burgundy base, gold/green color shift

095 Wazowski
chartreuse base, green/blue color shift

096 Sulley
turquoise base, purple/orange/gold/green color shift

So what do you think about these? Pretty intense, right? I can never get enough of multichromes!

Dance Legend can be purchased online directly from (grand reopening Sept 2nd with a restock of the entire range) or through the brand's worldwide etailers :



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