Cadillacquer Dexter Collection review!

I can't believe that the Dexter series has come to an end...
In case you haven't been able to catch up with the final episode yet, I will keep this post spoiler free but if I can say one thing, I'll just say that I almost shed a tear.. sigh

On a brighter note, I have the Cadillacquer Dexter Collection to show you today!
Cadillacquer is one of my absolute favorite indie brands and although I haven't given it that much exposure on the blog, I do cherish every single bottle I own.

He saw, She saw
nude jelly with nude and iridescent  hex glitters
2 coats plus topcoat.

Have a Killer Day
grey jelly with blue shimmers and pink + purple glitters
2 coats plus topcoat (2 to 3 coater)

It's Going to Happen Again
greyed out blue jelly with green shimmers and turquoise + white glitters
2 coats plus topcoat

Keep Breathing
dusty jade green jelly with silver shimmers and lavender glitters
2 coats plus topcoat (2 to 3 coater)

hunter green jelly with matte red glitters
2 coats plus topcoat (2 to 3 coater)

Slice of Life
bright red jelly with electric blue shimmers
2 coats plus topcoat

Tonight's the Night
warm purple jelly with bright blue shimmers and pale blue holographic squares
3 coats plus topcoat

The Dark Defender
dark teal jelly with blue, green and pink sparkles
3 coats plus topcoat

The End Begins
dark forest green with strong gold + copper shimmers and glitters

Overall :
I L.O.V.E this collection! The colors, glitter blends, formulas,... everything rocks about it! And of course the Dexter theme doesn't hurt ;-)
My top picks : Slice of Life, It's Going to Happen Again, Masterpiece, The Dark Defender, Keep Breathing and The End Begins.

Cadillacquer retails for $12 each and can be found on Bigcartel, LlaroweHarlow & CoFemme Fatale and Beauty So Fly.

Are you a Dexter fan? Do you own any Cadillacquers?
Thanks for looking girls!


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