piCture pOlish Collector's Edition Leggings & Super Styling review!

Hi everyone! How's your week so far? Great I hope :D

I have something out of the ordinary to show you today!
If you follow piCture pOlish on any of their social media then you most probably already know that the girls at the PP headquaters have been working nail polish themed leggings. Yes, you heard that right! :O

But... What you might not know is that along with the leggings an exclusive new color inspired by no other than yours truly 

piCture pOlish leggings are a pair of stretchy silky black leggings with gathered bottoms and a very colorful PP bottles pattern. Super soft, high quality, relatively thick but surprisingly lightweight polyester/lycra fabric, they felt extremely comfy on!

Super Styling is a really dense sapphire blue glitter in a matching jelly base, in other words, a bright blue glitter bomb! Even tough the girls at PP took inspiration from my blog to create this color, I had no idea what it looked like before opening my package! LOVE! Formula was easy to work with, sheer on the first coat but completely even and opaque on the second.

Super Styling is named after the Groove Armada popular song. I tried to embed it here but it didn't seem to work, you can still watch it here though ;-)

Overall :
I love that piCture pOlish is stepping out of their comfort zone with this collector set. Nail polish themed leggings aren't exactly what I'd first reach for on a daily basis but these are so much fun and feel SO comfy that I couldn't have passed on them!

The ‘Collector’s Edition PP Leggings & Super Styling’ retails for AUD$89.00
(Total value AUD$99.00)

Composition :
86% polyester 14% lycra
Petite (aka small)
Waist relaxed = 64 cm
Waist stretched = 100  cm
Hip = 80 cm
Inleg Length = 71 cm
Outleg Length = 90.5 cm
Ankle = 25 cm 
Everyday (aka medium)
Waist relaxed = 69cm
Waist stretched = 105 cm
Hip = 85 cm
Inleg Length =  71 cm
Outleg Length =  91.1 cm
Ankle = 26.2 cm 
Snugly (aka large)
Waist relaxed = 74 cm
Waist stretched = 110 cm
Hip = 90 cm
Inleg Length = 71 cm
Outleg Length = 91.7 cm
Ankle = 27.4 cm

For international fans if you wish to source from your Network member please let them know.  This is based purely on expression of interest and to secure your Collectors Editions PP-Legging plus Super Styling you will need to pre-order.  There is ‘No Return for Change of Mind’

piCture pOlish can be found online on piCture pOlish.com.au or through their international network
For more information, please refer to piCture pOlish.com.au or piCture pOlish on  :


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