Cirque Arcus Collection Review (part 2)

Hi girls!
I hope you're n the mood for glitters today because I have the second half of the Cirque Arcus collection to share with you today... Clear based glitter toppers!

I used one generous dabbed coat of glitter over black in all of my swatches below.

Iris is a multicolored mix of coarse shimmers in a clear base. There's a lot going on in this one, the perfect polish to add a little extra to your current mani without going all glitter rogue. Formula was just perfect, not thick and delivered enough shimmer with just one coat.

Lullaby is a delicate blend of pastel pearly glitters in different shapes and sizes. I'm not a big fan of "girly" glitters but this one I LOVE and already know I'll be wearing a lot! Great formula and excellent glitter payoff.

Electric Circus is fine mix of multicolored matte hexes in a clear base, so much fun, I love it! I didn't really know what to expect in terms of consistency but it literally applied itself, dense and even.

Magic Hour is a mix of iridescent shreds bars, hexes and squares in a clear base. I usually don't like bar glitters but weirdly enough I didn't mind them at all here. Consistency was slightly thicker here but still super easy to work with. One coat over black as well below.

Le Invader is a heavy mix of rainbow square glitters in a clear base. Truth be told, it's the only one I didn't really like in the entire collection, I'm just not sure why, I like it in the bottle but I guess it's not a "me" glitter. Formula was also thicker here but the "dabbing" technique allowed excellent (and dense!) glitter application.

And finally Kaleidoscope is a multicolored "circus" glitter in a clear base. We've seen a lot of these in the past but what really sets this one apart is the matte finish as well as the presence of white glitters. Application was nice and easy, one single coat as well.

Overall :
As much as I loved the first half of the Arcus collection, I must say that these are pretty amazing too! My top picks : Iris, Electric Circus and Lullaby!

The Arcus collection is already available for purchase on or through international stockists worldwide and retails for $13-$15 each.

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