Lacquer Lust : Penny For Your Thoughts & Un-Teal We Meet Again!

Hi everyone!
Who's up for some more Lacquer Lust holos?
After the Birthstone collection, Penny For Your Thoughts and Un-Teal We Meet Again are the latest additions to the Lacquer Lust range and of course I had to share them with you!

Penny For Your Thoughts is a faded coppery gold with a really strong linear holo effect. Gold isn't the first color I'd reach for but this one has a kind of dusty/nude/taupe hue that I LOVE! Formula was spot on and I used 2 coats in my pics below.

Un-Teal We Meet Again is, as its name suggests, a dark teal with, just like Penny For Your Thoughts, a strong linear holo. It also has a kind of greyed-out touch that sets it apart from other Lacquer Lust's blues and I think it might very well be my fave teal holo ever! Perfect formula and application in just 2 coats here.

Overall :
I think these pretty much speak for themselves... Two totally gorgeous new Lacquer Lust holos? Yes, please!

The Lacquer Lust can be purchased on or Harlow & Co.

Penny For Your Thoughts, Un-Teal We Meet Again,  Butt Bootie Naked re-release (!!!) as well as a possible mystery shade should be available on October 18th for the brand's 1st birthday.

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