Enchanted Polish : August 2013, Castle on a Cloud, Autumn & Yesterday!

Hi girls!
How's your week so far? Mine has been busy at work as usual but pretty awesome polish-wise. I've just received some drop dead gorgeous colors from various brands I love and I can't wait to try them out!

Talking about drop dead gorgeous colors, I have 4 Enchanted Polish to show you today :
August 2013, Castle on a Cloud, Autumn & Yesterday 

Formula and effects were pretty much flawless on all of these polishes : strong sparkles, holos and multichromes, nice, even and easy application!

Oh and before I forget, I might have gone  bit crazy with the amount of swatches but I just couldn't narrow them down and I had to show their many facets, right? ^_^

August 2013
 dusty medium blue, leaning teal, with a linear holo effect
2 coats

Castle On A Cloud
clear topper packed with linear holo particles and pink/gold duochrome shimmers
1 coat over OPI Miss You-Niverse

cool burgundy/orange/gold/green multichrome shimmer with a strong linear holo
3 coats

deep blue/purple/pink/orange/gold multichrome shimmer with a strong linear holo
3 coats

Overall :
I don't think it gets any better than these strong, saturated, chameleon, jaw-dropping effects. Chelsea never ceases to amaze me! I cherish each and every EP bottle I own, a feeling you most probably know after spending your day looking at your Enchanted Polished nails... In conclusion, if you're ever able to get your hands on one of these, just do!

Enchanted Polish retails for $15-16 and can be purchased directly from enchantedpolish.com or via international etailers : Harlow & Co - Mei Mei's Signatures - Nail Polish CanadaPshiiit Boutique 

For more information, such as new shades, launches or restocks, I strongly recommend subscribing to Enchanted Polish via the website's mailing list or Twitter / Facebook / Instagram


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