Dior Collection Trianon for Spring 2014

Hi everyone!
Continuing with this year's Spring releases, I'm super excited today to show you the Dior Trianon collection!

I really love Dior seasonal collections, they always have some of the most enticing palettes in my opinion and don't get me started on my addiction to their nail polishes... But let's give them a closer loo, shall we?

Palette Trianon
#001 Favorite
pale pink, khaki and brown shimmery eyeshadows
matte black liner
matte pink blusher

5 Couleurs Trianon Edition 
#234 Pastel Fontanges
pastel shimmery eyeshadows in yellow, mint, turquoise, pink and brown

Dior Show Mono
#427 Opaline
light mint shimmer eyeshadow

Diorshow Trianon Fusion Mono Matte
#121 Celeste and # 761 Mirage
matte lavender and brown eyeshadows

Diorblush Trianon
#763 Bagatelle
hot coral/pink matte blusher

Dior Addict Lip Glow Trianon
#004 Coral
coral color reviving lip balm
Dior Addict Gloss Trianon
#442 Pétillante
peach high shine lip gloss with gold and pink sparkles
Rouge Dior Trianon
#531 Rose Crinoline
muted/antique carnation coral pink creme lipstick

Dior Backstage Eye Prime #002
smoothing nude eyeshadow primer
Dior Pore Minimizer #001
skin refining matte primer
Dior Glow Maximizer #001
light boosting primer

Dior Vernis Trianon
#187 Perlé
mauve sparkling topper with a matte finish (3 coats)
#204 Porcelaine
pale faded blue creme (2 coats)

Overall :
Another beautiful Dior seasonal collection with high quality products and beautiful colors.
The lightest shimmery eyeshadows lacked a little bit of pigmentation in my opinion but made up for it with extreme sparkle. I loved the coral tint on the blusher and lip balm/gloss/stick and would definitely see it working on a lot of skin tones. As for the nail polishes, Porcelaine's surprisingly nice formula and application for such a pale color and Perlé's matte finish and most importantly flattering whitening effect on the tips make them both must haves in my book!

The Dior Spring 2014 Trianon collection is already available in boutiques and beauty counters worldwide and retail for :

Trianon Palette $111 / £59 / 81€
5 Couleurs Trianon Edition $61 / £41 / 56.50€
Dior Show Mono $31 / £24 / 33.50€
Diorshow  Fusion Mono Matte $30 / £24 / 32.50€
Diorblush Trianon Edition $43 / £30.50 / 44€
Dior Addict Lip Glow $32 / £22.50 / 30€
Dior Addict Gloss $29.50 / £22 / 28€
Rouge Dior $34 / £25 / 33.50€
Dior Backstage Eye Prime $28 / £21 / 29.50€
Dior Pore Minimizer $42 /  £28.50 / 42€
Dior Glow Maximizer  $42 /  £28.50 / 42€
Dior Vernis Trianon $24-25 / £18.50 / 25

So what do you think about this collection? Did you treat yourself with any of them?


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