Moyou London stamping review!

Hi everyone!
I'm beyond excited today to share with you my Moyou London review! I've heard so many good things about their products that I felt I had to try them for myself and of course share my experience with you ^_^

Believe it or not I'm a total stamping noob...
I can count on one hand the number of times I've tried stamping and it was always such a complete disaster that I ended up thinking it just wasn't for me and gave up on it altogether. Having said that, trying the Moyou plates / squishy stamp combo at my friend's during my stay in Holland was so promising : full image transfer on the first try :O

So I give to you my first "real" stampings!

In the package I received from Moyou, I could find 3 plates , the Pro Collection 02 / XL 02 / XL 18, as well as their new rectangle stamp/scraper, cuticle pusher and 2 rhinestones wheels.

First look : black stamping with the Pro XL 18 plate over piCture pOlish Badass :

Second look : white reverse stamping with piCture pOlish Fairy Floss, Peaches n'Cream, Watermelon and Coral Reef, mattified.

Overall :
I am blown away by the Moyou plates and stamp : the images transferred fully, the designs were crisp and the stamping experience altogether definitely positive. If I can do it with the very little experience I have, trust me you can too!
I'm keeping the rhinestones for a separate review but I've already tried the metallic cuticle pusher, it's nice and sturdy, sharp and gentle at the same time so if you're used to stainless steel pushers, you'll love it as well.

As for the regular Pro collection 02 plate, I found it a tad too narrow for my nails but I did try it on my daughter (trust me, she was thrilled!) and the result was just as perfect. Please excuse the poor picture but I was in a hurry to drop her off at her grandmother and it's the only one I could take :P

Moyou London products can be purchased directly from
New collections are released every Friday so make sure to follow the brand on social media (links) to discover new designs every week.

So what do you think about these plates? How do you feel about stamping?


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