piCture pOlish Aurora review!

Hi guys! I'm super excited today to show the latest piCture pOlish release!
A lot of brands have been on a duo/multi chrome kick lately but with the precursors in the matter, Ozotic, being discontinued I must confess that I was really anticipating what the girls had up their sleeve for their "sister" brand PP!

So I present to you Aurora, the first of the 5 piCture pOlish  upcoming limited edition multichromes! The others Altered State, Gravity, Illusionist and Solar Flare will follow in just a few hours...

Aurora is a green-turquoise-blue-purple-pink-gold-green chameleon shimmer encrusted with (camera shy) matching color shifting glitters, very much like the ones in Ozotic Elytra 528. Intense and absolutely breathtaking! Application was easy as a breeze, I used 1 coat over black in all of my swatches.

Here's what Aurora looks like most of the time : strong turquoise-purple color shift :

Under extreme angles, the blue is more visible and some gold-green manage to peek through :

Aurora is one of those polishes you can't accurately capture on photography, you really have to see it for yourself... I didn't want to completely picture-spam you so here's a quick gif of the transition :

Overall :
I don't think I could express how much I LOVE this polish. The multichrome base is drop dead gorgeous but the extra glitters, although I failed miserably at catching them, add a whole new dimension. Unique and a must have in my book.

Aurora is very limited edition and is scheduled for release on Thursday 20th February 2014 9:00am (Australian Queensland time) directly on piCturepOlish.com.au and shortly after through the international network.
Only 800 bottles will be available globally so a 1 bottle per order/customer rule will apply.

*edit* another 1000 bottles have been secured so more stock will be added after the official launch!!!

For more information, please refer to piCture pOlish.com.au or piCture pOlish on  :


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