Colors by Llarowe Spring 2014 Collection review. Part 1 : the holos!

Hi everyone!
I hope you're all having a fantastic week. Thank you so much for your kind words and support, surgery went well even if I'm still in a bit of pain, I'm mostly trying to get as much rest as I can for now.

Luckily I swatched eons of polishes before my surgery so I have plenty of blogging material, including today with the first part of the Colors by Llarowe Spring 2014 Collection, nothing but holos!

There are so many beauties here, I don't even know where to begin...

Formula was pretty much flawless on all of thm.
Concrete Jungle felt more like a crème and Purple Pizzaz was a mix of linear holo and glitter particles but apart from those two, they were all "jelliesque". Even application and nice pigmentation, no dragging or patchiness. I used 2 coats in all of my swatches.

Young Turks is a bright turquoise linear holo. It's super holo in real life, really vibrant and with a strong rainbow. If you're anything like me, you'll LOVE it!

In a Different Dimension is a teal scattered holo with strong green shimmers. It has a lot of depth, simply stunning!

Deanna, It's Blue! is a dark blue linear holo. You'd think there can only be so many blue holos but sigh... Another must have!

My Big Girl Panties is a silver lilac with intense linear holo. This is the only one I got to wear in the sun before my surgery and let me tell you that it's CRAZY holo, my pictures don't so it justice.

Concrete Jungle is a dark grey with a subtle linear holo and almost a "creme" finish. Despite the more scattered holo effect, I absolutely love it, I can definitely see myself wearing it a lot, even at work.

Purple Pizzaz is a mix of purple glitters, faint linear holo and a strong warm purple flash. This one was a bit of a pita to photograph but such a beautiful and complex color!

House of Blues is a dark blurple with a strong linear holo. It's pretty straightforward but oh so deep... Breathtaking!

Lucy, I'm Home is a bright coral red linear holo. I feel like I'm repeating myself today but seriously, it's pure perfection...

The Mighty Red Baron is a deep vampy red with a subtle linear holo that dries to a satin finish. Another perfect red, I don't think I could ever get tired of it!

And finally Woodstock is a bright yellow with a hint of green and an intense linear holo. It looks almost neon, I've never seen anything like it, so unique! This one was less pigmented than the other colors but still good in 2 coats. I kept it on for about 15 minutes and experienced a bit of staining on my middle nail where I had a silk wrap, my other nails looked perfectly normal. I'm not sure what happened but if you have patches on some of your nails, it's something you might want to keep in mind.

Overall :
If you needed any proof that Colors by Llarowe carries unique and breathtaking polishes, I think it's pretty obvious after seeing this collection... But again, I guess it's no surprise : when someone sees as many "exotic" shades from around the world all year long (yep totally quoting the tagline lol) you wouldn't expect less!

The Colors by Llarowe Spring holos can be purchased on and retail for $12 each.

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I can't wait to hear your thoughts on these. Do you have a favorite?
Thanks for reading guys!


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