Cadillacquer Mother's Day Trio : Thank you, For All You Do, Throughout My Life!

Hi guys! I have an exclusive review of the upcoming Cadillacquer Mother's Day Trio to show you today!
If you're unfamiliar with Cadillacquer, I strongly encourage you to search for my previous review with the label widget so get a sense of this unique, Swiss, indie brand ;-)

Thank You is a pale pink mauve with blue shimmers and a subtle linear holographic effect. A very delicate and totally unique color. I used 2 nice and easy coats plus topcoat.

For All You Do is a medium lilac jelly with purple sparkles as well as different sizes of electric coral matte hexes. I love matte glitters and although this is a completely unexpected color combination, it totally works. Shown here : 2 coats plus topcoat.

Throughout My Life is a deep teal jelly with strong linear holo. This one has a LOT of depth and dimension, the ultra glossy and squishy base tends to overwhelm the holo on camera but if you're lucky enough to catch a glimpse of sun, you'll love it even more. Flawless application and a 2 coats  coverage as well.

The Cadillacquer Mother's Day Trio will exclusively be available on for a limited time, starting tomorrow May 1st at 11am EST / 3pm GMT.

What do you think about these? Is nail polish something you would gift your mom for Mother's Day?


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