Cirque Heritage collection swatches & review!

Hi guys! I'm super excited to show you the Cirque Heritage collection today!

It's no secret Cirque is one of my all time favorite indie brands and I must say that knowing Heritage was an an all holo collection I was even more anticipating seeing them in real life!

So let's begin!

"From the Aztecs to the Inuits, Cirque Colors drew inspiration from the native cultures of the Americas to create a collection called -- Heritage. This collection consists of 7 vibrant holographic lacquers that celebrate the richly spirited traditions and arts of these indigenous groups. Sky Woman, a shimmering periwinkle, was inspired by the fabled creation story about the woman who fell from the sky. While the bright pink hue of Powwow embodies the dynamic music and performances honoring their heritage."

Formula and application were flawless on all 7 colors. Pigmented, slightly thicker than your average holo, but very easy to work with. I used 2 coats plus topcoat on all of my swatches.

Luminous Owl is a warm coral with a strong linear holo. The muted base color beautifully contrasts with the rainbow effect. Luminous Owl is an homage to iconic printmaker, Kenojuak Ashevak.

Powwow is a vibrant fuchsia linear holo scattered with (camera shy) electric blue shimmer particles. A really beautiful, bold, unique color.

Xochitl is a radiant orchid linear holo with a touch of bright, matching, shimmers. Xochitl is named after the Aztec word meaning "flower".

Panacea is a flashy chartreuse linear holo with intense, coarse, chartreuse shimmer particles.

Cerrillos is a saturated turquoise linear holo with a touch of subtle blue shimmers.

Sky Woman is a deep, muted, periwinkle holo with a few, sparse, silver shimmers. The linear holo is more subtle here than in the rest of the collection.

And finally, Sani is a sparkly silver foil with a strong linear holo, a tad darker than your average silver. Probably the most surprising color in the collection : a typical foil in the shade with the most intense flame in the sun! Sani is named after the first-known Navajo silversmith.

Overall :
Once again, I'm seriously impressed with this collection! Not only are they all beautiful and thoroughly researched but they all have a little something extra that sets them apart and gives them depth and dimension even in the shade, where the linear holo takes a backseat.

The Heritage collection can be purchased on or through international stockists in your country (full list here). 
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So what do you think about this new Cirque collection? Have you tried any of them yet?


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