Enchanted Polish x Mishka Collaboration Trio review!

Hi everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely Easter!
We don't really celebrate it with the fam, kids do get more than their share of chocolate but that's pretty much it...

Well today, as promised, I have swatches of the Enchanted Polish x Mishka collab so please brace yourselves for the holoness to come!

Lobster Roll is a deep bordeaux red linear holo sprinkled with pink and blue shimmers. I have a lot of red holos but this one's really unique, the overall cool flash definitely sets it apart. love it! Formula was pure perfection, even and pigmented. I used one (yes one) coat in my swatches below!

Keep Watch is a holotastic medium purple. This one has the craziest rainbow effect in the entire collab, almost blinding in the sun. Application was just as easy as Lobster Roll but this one was a 2 coater. Shown here : 2 coats and no topcoat.

Engineered To Destroy is a dark teal green holo with a strong pink/copper/gold multichrome shimmer as well as a touch of pink sparkles. I have no words to describe the uniqueness / awesomeness of this polish, probably one of the most complex holos of all time! Unfortunately the rainbow was so strong in EtD that I wasn't able to capture the multichrome but trust me it's there. A tad more sheer than Keep Watch, 2 coats were used here but I'd say that it's a 2 to 3 coater.

And because I kept it on after my swatching session, I was able to snap some full sun pics on the next day :

So... What  do you think about this trio? Were you lucky enough to snag a set during the launch this week?

pssst : if you want to see even more of these, head over to yesterday's bottle spam and/or my instagram feed (with exclusives swatches, sneak peeks, videos,...)


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