Cirque Heritage Collection Nail Art : geometrical triangle tips

Hi everyone!
I have no idea why but I've been feeling particularly uninspired this year to create an Easter nail art...So I hope you won't mind this geometrical design instead, featuring five polishes from the latest Cirque collection : Heritage.

Here's the step by step :

  • start with a completely dry white base.
  • gently apply touches of color. I used an old school painting brush and a dotting motion. Let dry.
  • apply washi/scotch tape around the edges of your nail, leaving nothing but a triangle shape visible.
  • stamp your chosen design with black nail polish. I used the Infinity Nails plate #39 from Dashica.
  • remove the tape, seal with regular or matte topcoat and you're done!

I hope you've enjoyed this nail art. Of course I'll be back really soon with regular swatches of the entire collection but I just couldn't to share this. I just love geometrical patterns!

The Heritage collection is a set of 7 holographics that can be purchased on or through international stockists worldwide. They now retail for $13  each instead of $15 previously.
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