KBShimmer Spring 2014 collection glitters & holos review

Happy weekend everyone!
As promised I have the second part of the KBShimmer Spring collection today with 6 glitters and 2 holos!
Of you missed the first part with all 8 cremes, just follow this link ^_^

Full Bloom Ahead is a white crelly packed with different sizes of multicolored hex glitters : fuchsia, navy, teal, gold and orange. Fantastic formula and glitter pay off, perfect in 2 coats.

Make My Gray is a very pale grey crelly with turquoise, coral and gunmetal hexes. It's a quite unique combination and I found myself really loving it. Again, nice application and glitter pay-off, I was happy with 2 coats but a third might be necessary in some cases.

Daisy About You is a pastel green crelly with neon green, purple and lavender hexes as well as a touch of lavender daisy glitters. Application didn't give me any trouble, I did have to fish out some for the larger glitters, especially the daises but they were easy enough to get a hold of. I used 3 thin coats plus topcoat.

Laugh Myself Lily is a muted turquoise crelly with gold, pink, sliver, lavender and blue holo hexes but also pink and light aqua dot glitters. This is one of my favorites from the collection! Consistency was more jelliesque than the previous colors and required a third coat for complete coverage.

Belle Of The Mall is a pinkish coral neon jelly packed with different sizes of silver holographic hexes. Such a fun and happy color, another one of my faves! I used 3 thin coats plus topcoat below.

Rush Flower Traffic is the last glitter I'll be showing you today, the only clear based glitter topper of the collection. I really love dot glitters and this one literally is a dot glitter fest! I can see Fuchsia, gold, green, blue, and turquoise hexes and dots but also tons of micro glitters. I used 1 good dabbed coat over black and finished with topcoat.

Quick And Flirty is a warm purple with a very strong linear holographic effect. The "flame" is really intense  in this one, jaw-dropping! Consistency was a bit sheer but a pleasure to work with. I used 3 thin coats for a deeper effect but it was good with 2.

And finally, Prism Break is a linear holographic topper in a clear base. I used 2 thin coats over KBShimmer Life Rose On and I think they make a great couple lol. I loved that it didn't alter the pink color underneath too much like many holo top coat do. 

Overall :
I think it's pretty safe to say that KBShimmer makes some unique and beautiful colors. Once again I ended up loving most of the collection. My top picks : Belle Of The Mall, Laugh Myself Lily, Make My Gray, Prism Break and Quick And Flirty. I'm not sure this is very helpful as I've just listed over half of them but well, you did ask for my opinion. Or did you? haha

So what about you? Which ones do you like best?

The KBShimmer Spring 2014 Collection can be purchased on KBShimmer.com (US only) and Harlow&Co (international)


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