Zoya Awaken Spring 2014 review

Hi guys!
What's up today? All good here! Except maybe that I went grocery shopping and they had already removed all of the Easter chocolates. Seriously, why do they have to do that?! I need my chocolate fix LOL

Today I have the Zoya Awaken to show you. This collection was released along with a topper, Monet, but I'll post that one separately very soon, hopefully in a nail art if I'm feeling inspired ^_^

Application was relatively easy on the entire collection but they were all on the sheer side. I used 3 coats plus topcoat on all of my swatches : the cremes required the third coat to even them out and the shimmers to achieve full intensity and avoid VNL.

Dot is a soft pink crelly, a nice and delicate color, the perfect pastel pink.

Cole is a soft peach crelly, and really beautiful one, I might add.

Brooklyn is a cool gold metallic shimmer, a bit too brushstrokey for my taste.

Dillon is a nice light mint green shimmer with a smooth finish.

Rebel is a pretty sky blue shimmer, also with with a smooth finish.

Hudson is another smooth shimmer, pastel lilac this time.

Overall :
I have mixed feelings about this collection.
Gold isn't my favorite color and I found Brooklyn too brushstrokey anyway so that one's a pass for me. The other ones did require 3 coats and I'm not sure I'll be wearing them all that much but they're still really pretty...

Did you try any of these? What did you think about them?


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