Enchanted Polish Pshiiit Boutique Exclusive : Scintealliant!

Hi guys! Words could not describe how excited I am...

Today's post features the brand new and exclusive Enchanted Polish Scintealliant created for nothing less than the best European nail polish and indie stockist IMO : The Pshiiit Boutique!

If you're unfamiliar with the boutique, I highly doubt that you'd be with its founder, the one and only nail art queen Camille at Pshiiit.com

Enchanted Polish Scintealliant is a deep and saturated teal linear holo infused with a green to pink duochrome shimmer as well as tons of bright blue sparkles. It's a complex and glorious teal, Camille's favorite color. Formula was utterly fantastic, nice and even, flawless in 2 coats.

Now let the picture spam begin!

And a little macro of the shimmer and sparkles :

Don't you just LOVE Scintealliant?

The Enchanted Polish x Pshiiit exclusive was a complete surprise during the EP restock last week, even the color was kept a mystery! Unfortunately it sold out in minutes and there's no info as to when/if it will ever come back but make sure to keep an eye on the Pshiiit Boutique for restock updates.

Oh and don't miss out on the French bloggers Scintealliant reviews today. We all made sure to keep the secret safe until most packages got delivered and posted at the same time. Yes, today is all about us paying tribute to the amazing Camille and Chelsea collaboration 


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