Glam Polish Exotic Illusions Series : April & May!

Happy Monday! How was your day?
Nice and slow day here at work for once. One thing I can't get out of my head though is the last Game of Thrones episode... Don't worry, I'm not going to spoil you, just sayin' ^_^

I have not one but two Glam Polish trios to show you today.
Glam Polish recently came up with a fun monthly series, the Exotic Illusions, and I have swatches of both the April and May sets!

Application was nice and easy on all colors, thin but pigmented enough to achieve full coverage in 2 coats.

April Exotic Illusions

Rose Dawn is a hot candy pink scattered holo with a strong icy blue shimmer. I used 2 coats plus topcoat.

Tranquil Shores is a saturated sea blue scattered holo with a strong, camera shy, pink shimmer (I swear it's there in person!). I also used 2 coats plus topcoat.

Peace of Mind is a warm purple scattered holo with fuchsia shimmers. Again, this is 2 coats plus topcoat.

May Exotic Illusions

Twilight Echoes is a deep and saturated magenta scattered holo (almost linear) with bold blue shimmer particles. Another perfect 2 coater.

Witching Hour is a royal purple holo with strong matching shimmers. Also an easy 2 coater.

Infinite Wisdom is a teal green holo with strong gold shimmer. Again, perfect in 2 coats.

Overall :
This was my very first experience with Glam Polish but color me impressed! I really like the concept of a 3 months series and they totally make sense together as a whole. Deep, vivid, saturated and fun holos, they're all so unique! My top picks : all 3 May colors, I love love love them!!!

The April and May Glam Polish Exotic Illusions Series are already available on Individual shades retail for $11.95 each (Australia & USA shipping available).

For international sales, please visit  :

So what do you think about these 2 trios? Are you in the mood for bright colors yet? I can't wait to show you the June edition! 


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