Rescue Beauty Lounge Anatomy Of A #KDrama collection review!

Hi guys! I hope you're all well seated because it's that time of the year again : the new Rescue Beauty Lounge collection unveiling!

If you're a true ReBeL at heart, you've probably been waiting for this for ages so without further ado, I present to you Anatomy Of A #KDrama!

Picture this: A really hot, rich boy (his parents practically own the country—think Samsung!) falls in love with a plain Jane, a pitifully poor girl whose family was financially ruined by loan sharks. The boy’s equally wealthy best friend falls in love with her too, and they even come to blows over the girl. She is without a clue since she is often too exhausted from taking care of her family—and working two or three jobs. It takes about 8 episodes for this couple to hold hands; we don’t know which of the boys she will choose, she may have held hands with both of them. They reach into their bottomless wallets to give her makeovers—in fact, one of their fathers owns the department store! 
(Oh Snap!) 
Enter the boy’s no-nonsense Korean tiger mom who always has a rich girl for him to marry (think company merger), someone he loathes. There are loads of schemes to get rid of the poor girl, even if his mother has to hire a hit man. Yes, there will be a kidnapping and perhaps some injuries, you name it—I’m scared for her too, no lie. It takes about 16 episodes for these two to kiss and overcome her accidents, hospital recoveries, etc. They promise never to part. But wait! Something else surfaces, after the boy’s friend digs up the girl’s family history, it turns out that the couple are exactly like Romeo and Juliet, their ancestors were enemies and the reason why her family is destitute. 
What will she do? Will she honor her family and reclaim their wealth? Or does she abandon ship?! 
Anatomy of a #KDrama is my latest collection, brought about by my newest compulsion.
–Ji Baek

Instant Amnesia
This is the perfectly neutral balance between fawn and taupe, a lofty palate cleanser with a tinge of attitude. Its flawless beauty is infused with flutters of silver, green, and pink shimmer. Once you wear it, Instant Amnesia will erase your memory of all the bad nail polish colors from your past.
Instant Amnesia is a cool toned neutral with a nice and subtle silver shimmer, a nice take on the regular office appropriate taupes. I can see it working with a lot of skin tones. Coats used : two, plus topcoat.

Oh Slap!
The quintessential flushed cheeks for your nails, Oh Slap! goes on as a sheer pink in one coat with opaque coverage in two coats. This is THE PERFECT PINK; the formula is flawless and streak-free and is not pastel or white-based. You can practically apply it with your eyes closed.
Oh Slapt! is a delicious jelly pink with enough dustiness to escape girly category. I used 2 coats plus topcoat.

Will They Won’t They
Will They Won’t They catches the sun’s rays as it glides on your nails. A gentle cascade of the tiniest silvery, blue-green micro glitter softly flows on a pool of doleful lavender. Sheer coverage in one coat, and opaque in two. 
Will They Won’t They is a delicate lavender with a gorgeous contrasting shimmer : silver, green and icy blue particles scattered throughout. I love this one, it reminds me of the very first RBLs I feel for. Shown here : 2 coats plus topcoat.

Cue The Montage
Yellow chartreuse is the most difficult color to wear; it was a daring task to try to create one that would be suitable for all skin tones. Cue the Montage has a different texture than any other RBL nail polish. It dries matte and textured, so you must apply a basecoat and topcoat for the full effect. This color has glittery silver that peaks through in glorified harmony.
Warning: The glitter in this bottle does not appear the same when applied to nails; it has a sandwiched effect.
Cue The Montage is a highly pigmented chartreuse creme with silver glitters. It's so pigmented that the glitters add texture but not real sparkle. A very unique color. I used 2 coats but topcoat but one should suffice on shorter nails.

Not Your Baby
A deceitfully, mysterious brown-bronzy-sage-green duo chrome, Not Your Baby is a classic RBL chameleon nail polish—its identity changes depending on the light. Trickery plays. This color may appear to be brown with a cast of sage-green shimmer in a certain light, and yet bronze the next moment. 
Not Your Baby is a rich bronze brown with a green to purple duochrome shimmer. If you love RBL's heavy shimmers, a la Real Housewives or Scrangie 2.0, this one's for you! I also used 2 coats plus topcoat.

Burn The Evidence
Burn The Evidence has a finely milled panache glitter that is not only jammed-packed with a mélange of red, gold, orange and copper glitters, but it also provides that dash of ash-black brilliance. This color fully covers in two full coats and has a flaming three-dimensional depth: Your hot nails will look like they’re on fire.
Burn The Evidence is a dense mix of oranges and reds micro glitters in a clear base. Tons of sparkle and layering possibilities for this one! It dried semi matte so pictures below show 1 coat over Not Your Baby with and without topcoat.

Virtuously inky, Monologue’s navy blue base is embedded with a soliloquy of elegant light-blue shimmer. Even in low light, this solitary dark blue retains its color and does not appear to be black. Monologue has a smooth, undemanding application; this color is darkly pigmented yet calmingly engaging.
Monologue is a glorious teal blue jelly shimmer, sigh... It's breathtaking, so much depth and glow. This one was also perfect in 2 coats.

Overall :
Another beautiful Rescue Beauty Lounge collection! I especially love the different textures and finishes in the collection! My absolutely favorite : Monologue! But Instant Amnesia, Will They Won't They and (surprisingly) Burn The Evidence come close next.

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are exclusively available at for $20 per bottle.
Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are created with resin and high molecular polymers to improve flexibility, durability, and high shine. They contain no harmful Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Formaldehyde Resin. We do not test on animals.

48 hr. Pre-order starts 6/18/14 AM-ends at 6/22 at noon EST. Please sign up for the newsletter at to receive the email invite.

I hope you've enjoyed this review. Let me know your favorites in the comments ;-)

Thanks for looking! I'll leave you with links to Ji's blog, all of the other official RBL swatchers and of course the official collection trailer!


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