Colors by Llarowe Fall collection part 2 : the holos!

Continuing my Colors by Llarowe Fall 2014 review, I present to you : the holos!
If you missed the first part of the collection, click post to read all about the shimmers and glitters :-)

Oorah is a silvered celery green holo with golden shimmer. I can also see a pink-purple flash. A unique holo, very wearable too! Great formula and application, an easy 2 coater.

Seasons of Change is a deep smokey gunmetal green intense linear holo. This one's kind of a chameleon depending on the lighting : grey, green, teal, it can look so different! Again, easy application and 2 coats for complete coverage.

Sandy, We Ain't In Kansas Anymore is a bright turquouise to royal blue to purple multi chrome holo. Smooth, glass-like finish and strong color shift, a unique blue holo. Shown below : 2 coats, no topcoat.

Smokey Montain Memories is a bright royal blue scattered to linear holo. How many different blue holos can there be? Tons apparently because once again we have a beautiful one! 2 coats used in the swatch below.

Penny For Your Thoughts is a rusty copper glowing holo with yelow and orange flame. So much depth and dimension! If you love The Mighty Red Baron, they share the same finish. Ultra pigmented, you'd easily get away with one coat however please be aware that this one's a stainer.
Stains can be removed by using cuticle remover such as Blue Cross (my personal favorite), Sally Hansen, Nfu Oh, etc or lemon with baking soda/peroxide solution. If you are concerned about staining please do NOT purchase this product.

Obsessed with Marilyn is another variation on The Mighty Red Baron : deep blood red glowing holo. I wore this one for 5 days straight without getting tired of it, it's just glorious! Shown below : 2 coats and no topcoat.

Mercy is a deep eggplant intense linear holo. I just can't resist this type of colors, it's so gorgeous, typically my go-to Fall color. Perfect application and a 2 coats coverage.

Obsession (limited edition) is described as a deep copper bronze to navy to black multichrome holo. To me it had a vivid magenta shimmer and had a strong shift towards bronze, copper and gold. The holographic effect is mesmerizing in this one, they seem multidimensional somehow... I used 2 nice and easy coats for my swatches below.

The Colors by Llarowe Fall 2014 is being restocked tomorrow Thursday, October 23 2014 on at 12:00pm MDT and again at 7:00pm MDT.
Limited editions will not be included.


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