Femme Fatale The Oxymora collection : introducing my blogger collaboration trio!

Hi guys! Today's post is a really special one.
A couple of months ago, I received an email from Sophie, the owner and creator of Femme Fatale, asking me if I would like to work with her on this year's Blogger collaboration collection.
Let me tell you that I didn't have to think twice about it as Femme Fatale is a brand that I've been following and swooning over for years!

Without further ado, please let me present to you The Femme Fatale Oxymora collection :

The Oxymora trio reflects the contradiction in us and around us. I wanted to express the complexity of nature (and by extension in human nature) and how it is possible to find love and beauty in the most unexpected places.  How brilliance and be found in darkness or sophistication in simplicity.

Bare Embellishment is a neutral beige with grey undertones, scattered holo particles, small platinum flakes and fine holographic microglitter. I absolutely wanted a palette cleanser and I have to say that I am head over heels for Bare Embellishment. I love how sophisticated it looks in the shade and how the holo literally comes to life in the light. Formula is a creme/crelly that reaches complete coverage in 3 thin coats.

Dusk Dazzle is a velvety mauve purple crelly filled with a soft red/copper shifting shimmer glow as well as scattered holographic flakes and holo particles. It can look both soft or intense, depending on the lighting. I really love how much it glows in the light, almost lit from within. Formula is a bit thinner to allow all the shimmer to express itself, making it a 2 to 3 coater. I used 2 good coats in my swatches.

Shadow Radiance is a soft grey crelly base filled with red shimmer, scattered holographic particles, iridescent microglitters and a layer of red-green shifting iridescent flakies, giving it an overall greyed-out brown/purple hue. It's no secret that I looove dark colors so Shadow Radiance was the first shade that I imagined for this collaboration. It was love at first sight when I received prototypes so I really hope that you love it too. Formula was also a bit thinner than usual as to not overwhelm the flakies. I used 3 thin coats.

Sophie is a pro when it comes to mixing complex yet perfectly balanced colors so I cannot express how crazy I am for this trio (or how grateful I am for this opportunity, thank you again!!!).
I also couldn't be happier with the two wonderful ladies selected for this year's blogger collaboration collection and let me tell you that you will love their creations!

Laetitia from Ilaeti has just shared hers today so please make sure to visit her blog here, you will not regret it.
I'm still keeping the surprise as to the third trio until after it's posted by its creator but I will very soon publish reviews of all six shades.

This year's bloggers collections will be available from Aug. 1st through Aug. 5th on femmefatalecosmetics.com.au and shorty after via international stockists.

Thank you so much for looking and commenting!
Please don't hesitate to hit me here or on social media if you get any (or all three) of these to let me know what you think of them 


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