Vapid Lacquer Vapibirthday release : The Cosmos collection Dirty Edition swatches & review!

Hi guys!
Did you know that today is Vapibirthday restock day? It's actually the 4th Vapibirthday restock!
Well, this year Vapid Lacquer treats us with a re-release of their popular Cosmos collection AND a special holographic "Dirty edition".

Let's give them all a closer look :

The Cosmos collection Dirty Edition is a set of 6 highly pigmented, brushstroke-free, intense multichromes with a touch of holo scattered particles.
I used 2 coats in all of my swatches (natural lighting), no dark base or layering whatsoever necessary.

Canis Majoris XXX is a vivid green to blue to violet color-shifter with hints of gold and orange under extreme angles.

Milky Way XXX  is an aqua/blue to violet color-shifter with hints of gold and orange under extreme angles.

Pandora's Cluster XXX is a violet to blue to orange color-shifter with hints of red and gold.

Magellani Cloud XXX is a pink to violet to gold and green color-shifter.

Crab Nebula XXX is a red / copper to green color-shifter with hints of aqua under extreme angles.

Cosmic Pearls XXX is a deep red to copper to gold color-shifter.

Overall :
This is my first experience with Vapid Lacquer and color me impressed!
Formula was seriously outstanding and let me tell you that it's not an easy feat with multichromes. I love how intense the color-shift is under natural lighting (in the shade especially) and how smooth and glossy the all look.

The Vapid Lacquer Cosmos and Cosmos Dirty Edition collections have just been restocked today on along with a whole bunch of core colors and beauty products (body creams, nail sauce, body mists, sugar scrubs, oils, wax melts,...).
Cosmos Dirty Edition colors retail for $12.50 each.

Make sure to visit the Vapid Lacquer Facebook page for more information


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