ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly : 5 day wear test

Today is the last day of this wear test.
Altough we could continue a few more days, I really feel that we have enough info by now and to be honest I'm not used to wearing the same nail polish for soooo long and I desperately need a change.. and to take care of my cuticles too.

ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly day 5
ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly day 5 left hand

ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly day 5 right hand
A slight tipwear on the left hand and just a tad more on the right hand : this is the result of 5 days of wear test on a matte nail polish!
Well, I didn't expext this at all...

I'm sure you're all familiar with All Lacquered Up. Way back our famous nail queen did a wear test on Zoya Loredana, another dark grey matte, you can see it here.
The difference between the 2 wear test outcomes is really significant and I couldn't entirely explain it :
Is it Fuggen Ugly's formulation?
Is it the base coat I used, Nail Tek Foundation II?
Or is it my personal body chemistry? And I mean that with all modesty, lol.
I'll have to schedule a Loredana wear test in a while because I really love Zoya and I wouldn't want to ruin its reputation.

Anyway, if you still haven't tried ManGlaze now you know that they have amazing and long-lasting nail polishes, I heard they're working on some new shades, I can't wait to see them!

That's it for today, I hope I didn't bore you to death with these repetitive posts.
Hopefully, I'll show you something colorful next.


  1. Wow this is amazing. I'm getting a bottle right now.

  2. Hello!!!! You have received the Stylish Blogger Award!!
    I hope you like it, and I`ll be looking
    forward reading your 7 shares!!

    xoxo Martje

  3. I'm really really impressed by this. My nails usually look like that after two days of wear, and I use great base and top coats! (Seche Base or Rebuild and Seche Vite) Might have to buy some of this for those weeks when frequent polish changes just aren't practical.