ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly : wear test day 4

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday but I had such a busy day that the only thing I wanted to do once I got home was to get some rest, well that was before I found my house on "cleaning mode" so I had to give a hand...
Anyway, after washing a big pile of dishes (with gloves, which you should alway wear too) and some  other chores, I did take some pictures of my day 4 wear test of ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly.
So these were taken after 72 hours.

ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly day 4
ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly day 4 left hand
ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly day 4 right hand

As you can see there is just a little more tipwear than on day 3 but it's still pretty good. I also included a swatch of my unseen right hand, which was quite acrobatic, to show you that tipwear is similar on both hands.
Wiered thing is that I really find the finish to be satin, shiny-ish, now but I picked up one of my friends from work and her collegue told me that she loved my matte nail polish. ??? !!!
Well, she wasn't a nail freak like us, lol.

Anyway, I told you I did a lot of house cleaning today, what I didn't tell you is the other thing my manicure had to endure :

Pretty little monsters...
My friend got a fish pedicure (don't worry, I'll spare you the sight of feet).
I don't know what you think about it, I know there's a big debate about the subject but since I was dragged there I thought I'd show you some pictures.

You can see on the picture, without the macro mode, that from a distance the tip wear is almost imperceptible.


  1. Tu a eu où Manglaze? Moi j'arrive pas a trouver en France

  2. @Une Ruxi � Paris ManGlaze can be mainly bought online

  3. I won't even mention my total shock at the state of the polish. I think ManGLaze should send you a couple of bottles for free, because you're totally making me (and probably lots of others) buy this. I mean, the pictures speak for themselves. Amazing!

    Btw, how does the fish manicure feel? I was always curious about that. Do they tickle, do you feel them biting at all? Did it freak you out at the beginning? ;)

  4. @Ulmiel lol, I already have all their nail polishes so it's totally disinterested...
    I didn't get the fish manicure, I just stuck my hands in the water and took a couple of pictures to show you guys. It's surprising, a bit tickling at first but it doesn't hurt at all. I didn't know what to think about it because I looove animals so much.

  5. Wow, these pictures are amazing =).
    Now I really have to get some Manlgaze polishes =)

  6. elle sont génial tes photos,surtout celles avec les petits poissons !!!!! lol !aby !

    et les poissons tu est allée en institut ou chez toi ??

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