Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet collection

It's a shame how late I am on posts but hey, I won't say it again (or am I?) : work! :P

Rouge Allure Velvet collection is this year's "boring" Fall reds and pinks Chanel collection, including a re-edition Pirate, 2 new pinks Rose Exubérant and Rose Caché and a matte topcoat Velvet Mat Top Coat.

The first thing I thought when I saw the promo pics was : Pirate = Rouge Fatal, Rose Exubérant = Rose Insolent and Rose Caché = Rose Confidentiel... aka a strong inspiration from last Fall's Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss Collection. Of course they aren't exact dupes...
This being said, dupes or no dupes, yours truly had to purchase them anyway. And every woman should have at least one red, one pink and one nude polish (or a few too many) in her collection, right? Consumerism will have the best of me ;-)

Pirate is a stunner. I have several red jellies in my stash, probably dupes too, but each and every time I wear one, I instantly love it. It applied flawlessly in 2 coats  and dried to the sexiest, most glossy finish without topcoat. If you don't own a bright tomato red jelly, you definitely need one!

Rose Exubérant is a hot pink creme, with a slight coral hue. It's very bright, almost neon and I'm sure it would look amazing on a wide variety of skintones. I had a little trouble applying this one, it was a bit on the thick side but still manageable. Again, 2 coats here and no topcoat.

Rose caché is a nude dusty antique pink shimmer. I'm not too fond of it since I rarely like nude on me but if you like or have to wear them for work, you might not want to miss this one. In terms of formula, it applied fairly easily in 2 coats, again. 

Overall : I'm going to say it again, these aren't the most unique shades, definitely not worth all the drama around the Illusion d'Ombres collection for example but they're pretty nice anyway.
Hopefully I'll be posting Illusion d'Ombre very soon (talk about being late...) including a swatch with the Velvet Mat Top Coat missing from this post.
Bye girls!


  1. do u know of anything close to the nude color?! i really want it..just not sure if i'll justify the price. lol

  2. @Mariarose cache looks close to essie demure vixen to me. the chanel has a prettier shimmer though with the sparkly bits.

  3. Rose caché is pretty. But this is too much money for "just" one polish...

  4. I like the first and the last :)

  5. @Maria @Michaela I really can't think of any dupe. Demure Vixen looks more mauve to me but it might satisfy your craving.
    xoxo girls!

  6. The last one, soft dusty pink is magical and I'm not familiar with dupes but Chanel is definitely to expensive to me

  7. I have Pirate from almost 10 years ago...I would like the others, but...I can't seem to find them in the US. Wonder if it's everywhere but here. :(