OPI Updates its iPhone App : Review

OPI Revamps iPhone Application with
New Visuals, Greater Speed and More Colors
*Please scroll down for the review of the app*

OPI announces the re-launch of the OPI Application for the iPhone® and iPod Touch®.  The updated OPI App continues to offer an easy, free way to browse and search over 200 OPI nail lacquer shades – now at faster speeds.  The Try It On Color Studio continues to provide a look at all current OPI shades, while the search feature now incorporates retired shades, allowing users to view past favorites and information about the year in which those hues were retired.
            The updated OPI App also includes higher resolution images to further enhance visual displays. In addition to running faster, the application now has the capability to wait in the background while other programs are used, namely Facebook. This feature gives users the option to check OPI’s Facebook page without having to leave the OPI App.
            “The improved OPI App gives fans the chance to try on lacquers easier than before. The App’s Try it on Studio has been hugely popular, and we are happy to improve upon and expand it. It’s a great resource when choosing your lacquer at the salon, since you can get an idea of how a color looks on your hand before committing,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director.  “The portable nature of the OPI App makes it easy to take while shopping and choose a lacquer shade to accessorize any new dress, top or jacket right there in the store!”
The OPI App also includes a search bar with word prompt technology; after typing just a few letters, any possible options will be proffered. Since its original debut, the App has added a sort-by-collection feature, highlighting current collections and promotions so that users will know what’s new to the brand. The App even lets users select favorites, storing lacquer choices for future reference.
The OPI App is available at Apple.com and is free to download. This application works with all iPhone and iPod Touch devices running software update iOS 5.
For more information, please call 800-341-9999 or visit www.opi.com.  Follow OPI on Twitter @OPI_PRODUCTS and become a Facebook fan!

And now, the review!
First, here's what the "old" OPI app used to look like :

4 top menus and small color samples. I didn't pick Unripened and Merry Midnight at random, as you can see the "Studio" was featuring discontinued shades. I don't know about you but that was really irritating in my opinion so I'm really happy they decided to change that.

Now here are a few comparison screenshots of the different top menus (with the new app on the right)

And the new feature : A direct access to OPI's Facebook wall :

Overall :
As you can se there aren't any major changes in the appearance of the app, the color samples are bigger on the "studio" and smaller on the "favorites" sections. The "collections" menu has been updated with the latest collex , Muppets, on the new app while the old one hasn't but that again is just detail. The major change, in my opinion is the "search" section, now including retired shades. You can see that it's not perfect, Absolutely Alice is missing for example and a few improvements could be made but I'll get back to that... The direct access to OPI's Facebook is also a plus if you want to stay up to date with the brand's lastest news, not a revolution per se but still enjoyable.

And now, here' what I'd love to see as a nail polish addict :
upcoming collections previews, an exhaustive "search" menu including retired shades and designer series, with color samples, ref numbers, collections and year of release...
In other words : the past, present and future of OPI.

What do you think?
If you have an iphone, did you install the app?
Do you find it usefull?
Which improvements would you like to see?

*The press release was kindly provided to me by OPI PR* 
*All the review screenshots were taken by me*


  1. I din't knew this application, nice to know it now. I will make the donwload now.