Rescue Beauty Lounge Series Part I : Stormy & Orbis Non Sufficit

Hi girls!
I have some more Rescue Beauty Lounge beauties to share with you all today and let me tell you that they will not be the last! Each day, starting today and until Sunday I will be posting some RBL eye candy. How awesome is that?

Stormy is the perfect medium grey creme. Neither blue nore green based, just maybe with a touch of purple, it'll most probably suit every skin tone. Formula was flawless, pigmented and almost self applying, the polish went exactly where I wanted it to with zero streakiness, even with the second coat. You're looking at 2 coats plus topcoat.

Orbis Non Sufficit is a rather dark yellow based dusty green, leaning military. Strange thing is that it looks more yellow toned in the bottle but I like cool green better anyway! Formula wise, just as pigmented, even and flawless as Stormy, actually even more so that you're looking at just one (not so careful) coat!

Overall :
Needless to say that Rescue Beauty Lounge was a precursor creating non conventional shades, including greys and greens while almost every other brand was still releasing reds and pinks. But beyond that "classic" status, you might wonder why get these instead of a possible cheaper dupe?
I'd have one answer for you : formula! A flawless formula!

See you tomorrow for some more RBLs  ^_^

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail lacquers can be purchased on the Rescue Beauty Lounge website and retail for $18 to $20, international shipping available.

*these products were provided to me for review*


  1. Hi Sam! I have Stormy, it's really awesome, but Orbis still in the "Wanted" list LOL - more now, with your gorgeous swatches! I love RBL and Ji is a doll, besides sooo talented! Can't wait for the next candies! Bisous

  2. I love these colours, the grey one is perfect and green one too :)

  3. Stormy looks so pretty, added it to my list ;)

  4. Both are really rich and beautiful.

  5. Wow, I love both of these colours! And I don't know if it's the colours, the formulas, or what, but these polishes make it extra obvious how perfectly shaped and lovely your nails are. Very nice!

  6. @Priscilla that's so sweet of you to say. Thank you Pri!

  7. @Amanda *blushing* I really don't know what to say after your comment. Thank you!

  8. Orbis Non Sufficit is stunning! Love it!