Dior Nude : Charnelle, Grège, Trench & Dune

There is one thing about nudes that puts off most of us : will it clash with my skintone?
With a countless number of tones, undertones and variations, picking the right nude color is no easy choice. Let's see how the Dior Nude collection takes up the challenge!

"Dior has reinterpreted nude makeup to provide a completely original manicure, unrivalled in its faux-natural sophistication and matte seduction. Natural yet ultra-contemporary, the Nude varnish suits all skin tones and is available in 4 shades, from pinkish grey to brown glac , for a distinctly fashionable allure: Charnelle, Grège, Trench et Dune."

Charnelle is a very delicate dusty pink with a sheer but buildable formula. It's soft and tender and way out of my comfort zone; until I applied it that is... Surprisingly I love it on me and it makes an excellent palette cleanser or office appropriate color. Application was easy and formula really nice. This is 3 thin coats plus topcoat.

Grège is the one I had the most doubts about. It just seemed to close to my skintone and I was afraid it would be too warm and look awful on me. Truth is it's just fantastic! Warm and deliciously creamy, I used 2 coats plus topcoat and formula was extraordinary : thin, pigmented and self leveling.

Trench is a warm noisette or café au lait color. I also love it on me. Formula was just as perfect as Grège and you're looking at 2 coats plus topcoat.

Dune is the darkest of the collection and a really nice warm chocolate brown. It's a nice take on the usual taupes and reminds me of milk chocolate Lindor somehow... It also applied like a dream, barely requiring any clean up. This is 2 coats plus topcoat.

Overall :
I have no idea why that is but every single nude or light Dior I have tried has suit my skintone. If you add the perfect formula and warm and creamy look, I can only recommend these!

The Nude collection is already available in boutiques and beauty counters around the world.
The polishes retail for $23 / £18 / 21.70€ for 10ml / 0.33 fl.oz.

Did you get any of these? Are you into nudes or are you always afraid they won't suit your skintone?

*products provided for review*


  1. they're all so gorgeous! Just too much above my price point. They lovely all four of them

  2. These are beautiful colors. Similar sentiments, they're so expensive :(

  3. I have the biggest weakness for colours like these and wow, these are just....stunning.

  4. Oh, dear. You make everything look so good,now I regret not picking up the 2 lightest nudes.

  5. They're all so gorgeous! I mean, look at those shades and the finish is just perfect. xx

  6. These look really nice! I love nude shades

  7. OMG Sam, J'adore Dior!!!!!!!!!! Stunning and beautiful on you!! And your nails... just stunning!!

  8. OMGoodness! I love all the colors! They all look amazing on you!!

  9. OMGoodness! I love all the colors! They all look amazing on you!!