Rescue Beauty Lounge Bring it Back 4! Insouciant, Aqua Lily and Più Mosso

It's that time of the year! Again! 
The Rescue Beauty Lounge Bring it Backs are such an exciting event for me... Each and every time...

For BIB 4, Ji has decided to include Insouciant, Aqua Lily, Più Mosso, Opaque Nude, Starfish Patrick and Recycle. 
Today I have the first 3 to share with you girls! Unfortunately the others are still in the mail but I will post them the minute they get here.

Insouciant is my very first Rescue Beauty Lounge and definitely the one that got me hooked on RBL. It was a gift from a very close friend and I can shamelessly confess that I loved it so much that I immediatly started collecting them. Insouciant is a warm dusty lavender with a very subtle purple and blue shimmer. The base color is absolutely stunning and the shimmer although faint on the nails, adds a beautiful cool glow. Formula was flawless and barely required a second coat after a careful first coat one.

Aqua Lily probably is one of the most prized Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes. I was lucky enough to snag myself a bottle during pre-order back in Spring and I don't think I've ever seen anything similar ever since! A gorgeous dusty turquoise base color with a glorious pink shimmer running through or the perfect balance between two opposites. Formula was also dreamy, both application and opacity were perfect.

Più Mosso was a huge lemming for me. It's no secret I LOVE dark colors and especially if they have a special shimmer or effect so of course I had to grab it while it was still available! Più Mosso is a very dark midnight blue with a strong but very fine orange shimmer that's visible even without direct lighting. Once again, the color combination is completely unexpected but the result OMG... Definitely one of my favorite RBLs! And it literally applied itself, even, pigmented and shinny on the first coat and deep and mysterious on the second.

And just because Più Mosso is my personal favorite of the bunch, here's an extra picture ^_^

Overall :
I got these 3 when they first came out and I don't regret it one bit. My only advise to you is to grab them while you can!!!
I can't wait to receive the other 3 and share them with you girls so stay tuned ;-)

The BIBs 4 are already available on pre-order for 48 hours starting today noon EST if you've already subscribed to the Rescue Beauty Lounge newsletter or directly on Rescue Beauty Lounge by the end of November. 
They retail for $20 each (0.4oz / 12 ml).


  1. These are all too stunning! I don't have any RBLs yet, but these three (especially Aqua Lily) are seriously tempting!

  2. your swatches make me die a little inside everytime. All super super gorgeousness! Anyone thinking of Aqua Lily- just go for it! Seriously, you are right- there is nothing out there remotely like it. I was planing to wait for my next order(gonna go for PM today- it is my fave of the bunch) to pick up Insouciant, but your swatches are severely testing my resolve. Can't wait to see your next RBL swatches. You make everything look so amazing!

  3. Aqua Lily is so so pretty!

    Jazz x

  4. They are all gorgeous! I ordered Aqua Lily and Piu Mosso. Now, I wish I got Insouciant too!! I was thinking I had way too many colors like that....oh well, maybe I can get it later if I'm still in regret!!

  5. I just placed an order for these three, plus Faraway and Catherine H… my first RBLs! The price, especially with international shipping, was a little ridiculous. But I'm still excited! These swatches are super gorgeous.

  6. I usually am not into dark polishes but I own Più Mosso and I love it! Your swatches are perfect as always :)

  7. Yay for Aqua Lily and company to be Back! I heart Ji for doing these BiBs :) but what I'm really curious is whether you will be part of the Blogger 2.0 crew and if so, what your color will be! Lovely swatches as always!

  8. Insouciant is how I don't feel about that polish - it's perfect! I'll definitely have to get my hands on some of these! Great blog by the way - I've added you to my blogroll at Looking forward to your future posts xo

  9. As always immaculate!!! I ordered myself these 3 inbetween getting a new laptop, seeing my boss off to his train and editing departemental Communication hence I oversaw the field for the give away code - or hmmm maybe simply a sign to finally get myself some reading glasses - I did all of it over the iPhone :-P

  10. My bottle of Piu Mosso doesn't look like that at all. #misleading

  11. These are beautiful. Your photos are always exquisite! I wish I had the dough to splurge on these!

  12. I have to say I only have one RBL and that is Scrangie, because she is one of my favorite bloggers lol.

    But I could NOT resist getting Aqua Lily and Piu Mosso, plus another one, Locavore (not one of the BIBs). I am so excited!!

    Your nails show off the polish so lovely, so I'm really happy I picked those two! :D

  13. @Anonymous Really? That's weird! How does yours look like?