Takko Lacquer swatches and review!

Hi girls!
I'm really sorry about the sporadic posts lately but I have a big work deadline this Friday and I've had to take extra work with me home for way longer than I would have wanted. I'm really trying my best so please bear with me for a couple more days...
Anyway, today I have a few Takko Lacquers beauties to share with you and ket me start by saying I was seriously impressed by not only their beauty and originality but also their fantastic formula!
Lemon Macaroon is a beautiful yellow shimmer with a slight green hue. I'm not such a big fan of yellows because they usually have crappy formulas but this one applied like a dream and was particularly opaque. I used 2 coats plus topcoat in these swatches.

Kaleidoscope Eyes is a true chameleon! Blue, green and even purple at some angles, it's just an amazing metallic shimmer with sparse holographic particles. I don't have anything else like it in my collection and it's just incredible in real life. Again, formula was perfect, requiring 2 coats for full opacity.

We’re All Mad Here is just plain FANTASTIC!!! Gorgeous and deep sapphire blue with a bright red shimmer (more visible in person) and a ton of green flakies... What's not to love? It's just incredible in real life, be prepared to look at your nails all day long... I used 3 very thin coats here as it was a bit less opaque than the previous ones but they dried super fast so it was no trouble at all.

Jimi’s Jacket is yet another stunner. You're going to hear this a lot today! Also bright sapphire blue but packed with bold gold glass flecked shimmer this time. Your nails won't go unnoticed. Formula was a bith thicker but very manageable and I applied 3 coats plus topcoats here.

Va Va Voom is once more just drop dead gorgeous! Shinny and eye-catching deep metallic red shimmer with a good amount of holo particles, just enough to set it apart from anything else in my collection. I used 2 coats here and both application and drying time were dreamy.

And last but not least, we have Wanderlust... *le sigh* Honestly it's just incredible... Warm and dusty purple base with a bright and very visible green shimmer running through, I couldn't love it more! Application was, once again, easy as a breeze and you're looking at 2 coats plus topcoat.

Overall :
For a first experience with Takko Lacquer, I couldn't recommend them more. High quality formula combined with stunning and original colors, that would be a HIT in my book!
I also have another Takko product to show you girls, hopefuly very soon but I'm saving it for a special occasion LOL. It's the Takko mani-bomb!
Takko Lacquer can be purchased on Etsy and at meimeisignatures.com.
For more information, you can follow Takko Lacquer on Twitter or on Takko Lacquer's blog.
What do you girls think about these? Anything you fancy?
*Products provided for review*


  1. i love the blue and red one!! so gorgeous!!

  2. i am a huge, huge fan of takko. Sheryl is so great and i am in awe of her creativity and application. my fav indie brand, with out a doubt! your swatches are amazing, btw!

  3. These are very lovely! Wanderlust = wow!

  4. These are amazing! Especially Wanderlust

  5. I want them all!!! So incredible. Also, don't even apologize for when and how often you can post. Life gets complicated!!

  6. Gorgeous swatches! Wanderlust is absolutely stunning!!!

  7. Ooooh! These are all so freaking gorgeous! I was all set to tell you my fave, but by halfway through the post I knew there was no way I was gonna be able to choose, lol.

  8. These look great! I have to try to get some of them on their next restock.

  9. Such a beautiful collection!

  10. I quite simply NEED We're all mad here! Beautiful

  11. I think that it wouldn't matter what color polish you wore it's gonna look good not matter what because you take the best pictures! Too bad you can't take me under your wing. :o)