piCture pOlish YouTube channel AND... My first video tutorial!

I'm really excited as I'm writing this post today because I have awesome news that I've been dying to share with you all and now I finally can!

A little while ago the piCture pOlish team contacted me because they had just set up a YouTube channel and were looking for bloggers to do nailart video tutorials for them. Well... I had never done any video myself but I've definitely been dying to for ages so without giving it any more thought, I immediately said yes! Then the worrying worrying part could begin haha... Lighting, set up, editing, etc

Anyway, today it's ready : my first video ever! And a nailart tutorial!
Can you tell how big of a challenge it was for me? 

Without further ado, I know a lot of you have been asking questions about this particular look, so I present to you my Ozotic 700 series Abstract nailart tutorial :

If you'd like to see more tutorials and videos, please subscribe to the piCture pOlish YouTube channel here, I'm sure they'll have lots of new content in no time!