Polished by KPT thermals Review!

Hi girls!
I hope you love thermals because I have a whole bunch of them to show you today!

In case you're not familiar with thermal pigments, they basically allow your polish to change color depending on your body temperature : one color when warm and another when cold. But it does get even better if you mix thermal pigments with glitters, shimmers or even holo!

So today I have two different Polished by KPT collections : Transition Elements and The Required Love but also a few of their best selling shades.

Transition Elements vol.1 :
"Transition metals, which are elements found in the Earth’s crust, bring rich colors to the natural world such as mesmerizing minerals as an example. Inspired by the diverse colors of transition metals"

The Transition Elements is a set of four heavy shimmers with a strong two-toned thermal effect. Formula was seriously perfect on all of them. I didn't really know what to expect but they all proved to be easy to work with and not thick at all. I used two thin coats plus topcoat in all of the swatches below.

dark teal to forest green thermal
two coats plus topcoat

burnt orange to lime green
two coats plus topcoat

charcoal grey to titanium
two coats plus topcoat

dusty blurple to light periwinkle
two coats plus topcoat

The Required Love
"My mom's all time favorite color is purple. She loves everything purple and so does my older sister. I've always wanted to make a purple nail polish dedicated to my mom too bad she does not like this dark purple, but I'm sure my customers will...right?"

The Required Love is a set of two blackened purple fading thermals : dark when cold, they become almost clear when warm, apart from their duochrome pink/purple to green shimmer. Application was also super easy on both of these and they looked perfect after two thin coats.

dark purple fading thermal with a fine pink/purple to green duochrome shimmer
two coats plus topcoat

Ophelia’s Love
dark purple fading thermal with a pink/purple to green duochrome glittery sparkle
two coats plus topcoat

And finally the best-selling shades!

Being in the Pink
warm purple to pink thermal with a scattered holo
two coats plus topcoat

Blue is Beautiful
dark blue scattered holo with a fading thermal effect and small blue glitters
two coats plus topcoat

Green with Envy
green scattered holo with a fading thermal effect
three thin coats plus topcoat

So what do you girls think about these? I love thermals! Especially The Required Love set but also all greys and blues... 
Oh and I wore Ophelis's love for days straight last weeks with no chips whatsoever and very minimum tipwear! How cool is that?

Polished by KPT is available for purchase on the brand's website (US & Canada shipping) and Shoppe Eclecticco (worlwide shipping). Prices vary from $9 to $12.

Make sure to follow Polished by KPT on Facebook and/or Instagram to be informed on restocks.

*products provided for review*


  1. I'm not super in love with most thermal polishes I see but these are beautiful!

  2. I love these, especially Dichromate.

    Weirdly, I've never tried a thermal polish, but I'm always fascinated when I see swatches.......... need to bite the bullet and order one :D

  3. WOW I'm in love with this collection ♥

  4. Oh my gosh I love them all but WOW - Ophelia's Love!! I definitely need some of these - wonderful swatches as always!

  5. I've never tried a thermal polish but I really like the idea. These are simply stunning!

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  7. I LOVE these so much! I've been stalking Eclecticco for weeks waiting for a restock... just so darn pretty!

  8. You have the most beautiful swatches! I need Ophelia's Love!

  9. they look amazingly beautifull! I can't pic one, I love them all.

  10. Ces gradients sont tous plus beaux les uns que les autres !

  11. Oh, so cool! Amazing how many different types of nail polish we have these days. So thermal's effect is naturally darker on the tips? I'd pick Ophelia's love and Blue is Beautiful. Btw, the swatches and photos are beautiful.

    1. Usually yes since the nail beds are close to body temperature and the tips coolder but it really depends on weather and other temp variations during the day. Thank you for your comment and kind words! <3

  12. I had no idea such polishes existed, these are amazing. Like wow love each one of them.

  13. These are beautiful! Great swatches :)

  14. I love them but I can never grow my nails much before they break at work :( - I dont think I would see much of a colour difference lol